Saturday, May 7, 2016

Just when I thought I was out.

In the movies, a common trope is the idea of the character that tries to escape the inevitable, only to find him or herself right where they belong. Destiny has a plan, and nothing will stop that plan from happening. Sometimes it's a confrontation with a family member that has been put off, a rival that has always gotten the best of them, the realization of who they really are within their soul, or the final stand against an impossible foe. Fate will bring them to their ultimate destination.

With surge pricing.
When Jim shuttered GCRL 10 months ago, it was the end of an era, and the loss of a Dodgers blog. That was unfortunate, with so few Dodger blogs and fans out there. Oh - if there were only a Dodger blog to takes it place. Or two.....

Sarcasm earns you a fast ball up and in.
But seriously, Jim stepped away a while, but I was certain it wouldn't be for long, Sure enough, he is back with a blog highlighting the Dodger frankenset he built - FrankenDodger. He was quickly able to build a 726 card frankenset (while I toil putting together my Sox frankenset). Posting a page a day (currently), you can see his reappearance in the blogging world.

Jim and I still exchange envelopes (my turn to send). Here's highlight of his recent PWE.

A young (and thin) Sosa in the original throwbacks that started the craze. Milton with one of a couple new bunt cards in the envelope. The '97 UD Phillips is another great Upper Deck image. This would have been a better horizontal card, though.

A couple buyback for the very early buyback frankenset. '75 Leon and his mustache made it, but '73 clean shaven Leon did not, as I am going to stick with a 1976 Pete Mackanin in space #287.

Lastly are these two beauties. Jim finds a lot of vintage miscuts (hopefully from dime boxes), so adding Grzenda was a treat. I have one small issue with the sweet '58 team set. It's nothing against you Jim - I love the card. The issue is I already have it. "So", you ask.

Well, Jim's is a nicer quality, but every time I see this card, I am reminded of my mom. We used to have a trailer in Plymouth, IN for summer weekends. Many years ago, they had a little flea market deal going on at the ranger station and there was a guy selling baseball cards. I am sure we overpaid for this card, but my mom bought it for me as I expressed my like of it. So it's a keeper, but know that it sits in a binder behind a 2nd copy.

Thanks as always, Jim. And welcome back. Just ignore the note from Juan's mother about his tardiness.


  1. I'm so glad Jim's still churning out material and what better way than a FrankenSet.

  2. Thanks for the words. I think one dealer has started stocking miscuts just for me. Meaning for you.