Friday, June 29, 2018

Player Collection update

Well, Comcast really screwed up a chance for a better post here today. Even though I don't work for them at all, all the users on the east coast figured my company's program was down, when it was that cut fiber that screwed up the net today.

So just a quick post. One image - six cards.

I now collect all these guys. And a few others like them, if you figure out how they are related.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Throwback Thursday - 06.28.2018

Every Thursday, I post a card showing a ballplayer wearing a throwback uniform from my collection. Hopefully, he will be wearing it well, with proper pants blousing. The picture may be from the front of the card, or the back. Enjoy the uniforms from years past.

Alex Rodriguez - 2004 UD First Pitch - Washington Senators

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Ye of little quantities

Getting cards out of the blue, for no reason, is a joy. Fat padded envelopes with stuffed team bags, or long white boxes crammed with cardboard. I have a couple of those boxes still to organize and scan, but I will never turn up my nose to a thin mailer or a PWE.

So let us honor those tiny quantity gifts that bring just the same huge smile to my face.

Got four cards a while back from my buddy Chris, who's blog, Old Foul Cardboard, is all but dead. Chris is alive and well, and so are these cards. Though a few BoSox fans wish Bucky Dent was dead. Had to scan with a white background to appreciate the acetate Magglio from UD EX.

The other two cards included a sweet '71 Reds team card that someone at Topps decided the equipment manager needed to be removed. Last is a manu-patch from Topps Rogue One release. It's a shame they just print the patches now instead of chain stitch, like Topps have done in the past. Thanks Chris.

It's a mini Hoyle-ing, from everyone's favorite random mailer Mark. I might have that Podzilla, but I love that card and think it would look great autographed. But Scott is horrible on returns, so naked it will probably remain. Nice oddball Big Hurt. Thanks Mark.

See, you don't need to send 400 cards to make me smile. Teeny-tiny makes me happy-happy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hidden Gems: Missing the cut

So in the Hidden Gems posts, I bring up those cards that are beautiful as well as the songs you may have missed out. But for today's post, let's look at a couple cards that one might think hit the binder, but they are just not good enough to make it in. Plus, they help transition to the song selections of the post. Yes - plural. You'll see.

I have plenty of cards I have kicked aside from the Hidden Gems binder that fit into this look. Most of the time something is considered, but ultimately rejected, comes down to one simple word:


In the world of digital graphics, cropping is removing outside areas of a photo or image. It helps focus the eye to what the artist wants you to see, frame the image, remove trash from the image or alter the aspect ratio. Sometimes, it's perfect. But on these examples, it's too much. For the Reddick, they did well to get most of him within the frame, and the most important parts, but chopped off a leg, and the glove is juuuuuust out of the inside border. On the DeJesus, we have a similar issue. Cropped just s fraction too close, so he has no feet and the Ultra logo covers part of the image. DeJesus would have done better pulled out just a bit, while the Reddick could have fared much better on a horizontal card (yeah - I know it's Archives, but go with it).

Sometimes, you can crop too much, thinking you are getting rid of excess garbage, but losing the best part of the subject.

Now, for music, I am going to start with a simple question: Ever hear the songs "Get Away" and "Broken" by Chicago and Tears For Fears, respectively? I'm fairly certain most of you have without really knowing it. But unless you own the songs, you probably won't hear them anytime soon on the radio. Maybe on WXRT here could your ears enjoy Broken. But you tend to not hear those songs lately because of a little thing called the "radio edit".

I've talked about radio edits before, specifically the fact the 60 plus seconds are cut from The Knacks "My Sharonna" when you tend to hear the song. Many songs have sections cut out so they play faster, allowing more commercials over the air. See, Get Away and Broken appear at the end of a couple very famous songs for each band:

If you listen to the end of each video, the song ends. But on the album, each song has a close to minute jam fest attached. Getaway highlights Chicago's horn section, which hearkens back to their earlier years as a jam band. For Tears For Fears, Broken is a small section of a live performance of the song tacked at the end. It's an actual song that appears just before Head Over Heels on their Songs From The Big Chair album. It's a shame you don't get to hear either over the airwaves, though.

Monday, June 25, 2018


pȯr-gə-nə-ˈzā-shən [noun] : the act or process of insufficient organizing

It's a mess here. Sure, it could be worse, but I have stacks of sorting that needs to be done, piles to be mailed and boxes/envelopes to be sorted and scanned. And let's not even mention the box of cards for cataloging in whatever will replace Zistle for me.

Ok, so blue are throwbacks. We'll make yellow bunting cards, the pink...
When I get in mailers, I try to either throw a note in the bag so I remember who sent them, or take the return label off the mailer and stuff it in the bag. Well, here's a couple mailings to show off. Or maybe it's one? I am not too sure, and that's my fault. I either failed to note of the groups, or I fail to remember what was sent to me. Here's let me just start posting with a single image.

Small sampling of the bags of Star Wars cards I received from Pat over at Hot Corner Cards (dude - get posting!). Top left is from The Force Awakens set while the top right is Galactic Files. No idea what the sticker at the bottom is from.

Now, here's my confusion. There are three other bags of cards. These three have blue painters tape sealing them, while the three SW cards just had Scotch tape. So they don't match. But I though Pat sent me a bunch of White Sox cards too, and since these three bags have no label/address within, I am not sure if they are from Pat or another. Maybe someone will recognize them. Otherwise, more credit for Weber.

Some failed ChiSox prospects within. And a failed Dodger prospect who became a HUGE star with a certain club wearing pale hose.

Healthy group of double plays. Love the Bell at the bottom. Great shot on a pathetic design.

Jermaine Allensworth. Barley fits on the card. And look - Brett Butler in a very odd pose. Bunting??? NEVER!

Now, all those may not spark someone, but if you sent in these miscuts, I am certain you would remember.

I do love me the parallelogram miscuts. And no, Jeroen, you cannot have that Blyleven.

So a big thanks to Pat. Or could it be slightly smaller because the other cards were from another. Either/or, I screwed up, so I'm sorry. Thanks a bunch no matter what, but sorry.

So sorry.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


As is fairly evident, my postings have been few, far between and really, not that great. I have post series that have been ignored (Throwback Thursday, Hidden Gems, etc...), post thoughts that currently resides in a text document in a document folder, as well as stacks of cards that need to be scanned, thanked and organized. I work in my card room/office daily, so I see stacks upon stacks of card, mostly meant to be outbound, and a simple question comes to mind

What happened?

It's actually a fairly difficult question to break down into a concise and coherent answer, but let's have at it. For starters, I'm active in my attempts to bring income into the household. From the regular job, Uber, LetGo/OfferUp, eBay (soon, but nothing of my collection) - goal #1 is always finances. And quite frankly, I frigging hate it. I hate how survival is based on these green pieces of paper. The analogy of finding a deer so the family can eat becomes short lived when half the deer meat is spoiled. It zaps your motivation. Your pleasure. Your sense of accomplishment. Your self worth. Since failure is not an option though (thanks Gene Kranz), I plug away.

Ceri is......well, Ceri. Doctor after doctor, medication after medication, diagnosis after diagnosis - we still don't have a firm answer. Mayo said fibromyalgia, which is just a BS response when they have no answers. It's not fibromyalgia. This whole household knows it's not that, but we'll play the game for now. I know her anxiety complicates the issue, but there is truly something that starts the pain. We are working to better treat her fears and other mental needs in the hope that until we get a good solution, her life is manageable.

My regular job is unfulfilling, which I am sure the rest of you feel about your careers. Some days we are overworked, with the same mind numbing calls each day that cause you, at least myself, to question why am I in the job, or even this field. Pile a heaping dollop of micromanagement into the mix and the day ends with the mind taxed to the limit and needing inane activity to wind down for the day. Thank you Destiny 2. (side note: if anyone plays that and wants to hang out, shoot me a message with your tag. PS4 only).

And there in lies the rub. I like to blog. As I have said in the past, I write for me more than for you. It keeps my mind sharp and my sarcasm sharper. But when you are worn down, it's hard to work out what you want to say and construct it into something somewhat interesting to read. Greg - have no idea how you write a newspaper article daily. Thank goodness that is not my career. I put a lot of energy into my posts. I like working them out, constructing the sentences and the flow of the post and then releasing it to the world. I hate "dialing it in". I have done a few like that, and, back up to the self worth statement, I don't want to hit my psyche doing something half ass. I take pride in all I do, with 101% effort being the goal at all times. And I'm my harshest critic. It's important I strive for the best I can do.

There's a little of the personal life. I tend to be fairly private, so if any of you use it against me I will destroy you. For a more focused update on the blog and other card related things, I am hoping to get rid of the last of the Tis The Seasons mailing by the end of July. I will put a focused effort on those, as there is really not much card wise to buy, and I don't have the cash for what I want anyhow. Plus I have a fair amount of "owes" mailings along with "here, you should have these" mailings to get packaged and sent out. Soon. As I mentioned, organization is dreadful right now, though I think it's really bad because of the backlog of of incoming mailings. Maybe I need to just cut myself a break of being perfect when I post.

Oh, and before I get to some scan folder cleaning, I have a goal for myself. Not a promise to any of you, cuz I suck at them, but a goal: post 7 days in a row. I have done this before, and I can do it again. The hope if if I take the time to focus on content, I get break out of the funk, get the mind working as it should and show some appreciation for the generosity I have received. I can get Throwback Thursday back on track, which is a no brainer post. And knock out a Hidden Gem, which requires some effort to pair up the card with the song, and be somewhat entertaining in the process. Goals....

How about three quick thanks over 6 images?

Jeff Pederson (non blogger) snagged up the bags of 2016 Topps in TTS (they are mailing soon, Jeff). He dropped a well stuffed PWE back in thanks )not needed, but appreciated). I love the blue border Bazooka. In fact, that whole set was fun. Hey Topps - maybe Bazooka as a replacement for Opening Day?

Jeff really dropped the colors on me. Always felt that blue sparkle redemption card from Update was the best looking sparkly thing Topps released. It's a good color choice. Much better than the green or that red abomination.

John from Johnny's Trading Spot dropped a healthy lot of bunting cards. I think I have a 2nd mailer here from him I need to organize, but let's enjoy this stack showing the art of the lay down. Some better than others.

I said it was a fat lot of bunts. And a single double play card. I have no idea who that player was on the south side.

Brian Simpson (do you blog?) also grabbed a stack in TTS and felt the need to mail something back. That's not how this works!!!! But thanks. Some rookie ChiSox hit the headquarters. May is back in the minors. Anderson is doing fairly well in the show, but needs to stop striking out so much. Puckett is on the 7 day DL (since April), so I have no idea what the Sox plan are with him.

A newer minor leaguer with  Basabe, who is still in the minor getting his skills up. Such the difference in years when you see what was released as a minor league card 20+ years ago. Fernandez had an ok career, but I think more was expected from him. Missed a no hitter by two outs. Merullo had an uneventful 6 years in the pros.

There we have it. Day 1 of 7 posts (or more hopefully).  So.......

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Be back tomorrow

Been almost a month since I have posted. Lot going on, but I will get a post up tomorrow with some updates on a lot of stuff and plans for the future. Missing the 2x3 headquarters - it's all dusty here. And is the Jimmy Hoffa in the corner behind that stack of '92 Upper Deck?

Ok - talk to you tomorrow. Until then, here's a card that even Prince would say "damn - get a real mustache".

Mustache in training....