Monday, October 19, 2020

Recent pickups

 Look - if I don't get something posted soon, I will never do it. I spent the past two days organizing my desk, and sorting out more mailings I need to get out, so I've been productive. Not saying I Marie Kondo'd my room (is she even still a thing?), but everything is slowly moving from stacks to boxes/binders. 

Just don't come to my part of town.

While I haven't been posting, I haven't stopped trying to find decent deals on ebay. While this is by no mean a comprehensive list of purchases over the past year, here's some of my favorites to share.

Newest player collection for me is Danny Mendick, so here's a start for his PC. The most expensive card of the group was the auto, which set me back $6. Otherwise, most of what you see was a couple bucks. Might go for the rainbow on his 2020 Topps - not sure yet.

All these are additions to Project 2005. It leaves me 7 autographs short of the players/coaches from the Sox 2005 World Series team. I am very pleased I found that AJ in a White Sox uniform with a decent autograph. Most of his TTMs tend to be scribbles. 

These for are SPs from the 2013 Heritage set. A dollar each. I wish the seller had more I need.

Sticking with the Heritage style, here's the original. Like many, I scored a $25 "gift card" from ebay, so I used it to pick up these five cards. The leaders cards are all in the first 10 while the Brewer is a high number - 5th card from the end of the set. I had to fork out $4 and change for these five. 

Just a Lou Fonseca autograph for $2. 

More autographs, this time from the ice. I've been looking for a Pilote autograph for a while, and I grabbed these 5 for under $4 each, including that 4x6 of Guy LaFleur. Cuz everyone should have a Guy LaFleur autograph. 

Last we have random collections. Paulie is a black border, Happ goes into the 10/19 binder, the Star Stamps are for the Golden Age build and the Robert I needed for the team set. I picked up two in an auction for $32 total, which is crazy, but at least it's off my list.