Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday - 10.30.2014

Every Thursday, I post a card showing a ballplayer wearing a throwback uniform from my collection. Hopefully, he will be wearing it well, with proper pants blousing. I'll try not to duplicate a uniform. The picture may be from the front of the card, or the back. Enjoy the uniforms from years past.

Mark Mulder - 2003 Upper Deck MVP - Oakland Athletics

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Corrections and connections

Before we get to the meat of the post, let me get a couple things corrected.

A) I guess that last package I posted was a Zippy Zapping, ZZ has hit me before, but man, I totally screwed up saving his address. I can't recall if I PWE'd him, but if I did the hell if it ever arrived.

B) I did that 17 month long posting from Wes, and I forgot to mention that one of the boxes was stuffed with about 40 wax packs, which were a blast to rip. Thanks again, Wes.

Ok - corrections made. Now let's make some connections, specifically with my local bud Nick from Dime Boxes. Nick has talked many times about the flea market he hits in Rosemont, and I have been trying to make it up there. Well, Sunday was the last weekend for 2014, and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. So I took the hour ride north, paid my two bucks and started walking.

Quick note: this thing is frigging huge. Far bigger than any I go to. Yeah, Kane County is probably close in size, but that is more of a craft fair than a flea market.

Anyway, I have been Jonesing for some quality dime boxing, and sure enough, the boxes lived up to the hype. And I ran into Nick, so that made digging through the boxes even more enjoyable. All total, I picked up about 130 cards between two vendors. Nick did over 50 more - the man is a machine. But along with some cards for blogger's collections, I added some nice cards to my binders.

I think these are the highlights of the 14 throwback cards I found. It was the socks that made me stop, but I had to look closer to realize it didn't say Orioles on the chest. From the patch on the left sleeve, these are supposed to be throwbacks to late 30/early 40 St. Louis Browns uniforms. Problem? They aren't. There is a missing strip down the center of the uniform. But I give them credit for the effort.

Some more great throwbacks. I recall that Bonds card on the left. I believe it is now in Arpsmith's collection, because I sent it there before I started a throwback binder. That's fine, cuz it's back, with the Kent Black Diamond partner.

In the dime boxes, I was surprised the player collections I could have started. Nomo, Bagwell, Piazza, Garvey, Dawson... all had quite the stack of cards. But I think Biggio was in there the most. Lucky for me, he has many cards that fit a couple binders. From double plays.... bunting.

Double plays.... bunting. Man, I love 2003 Donruss. I need a cheap box of that to rip. Underrated in my book.

All total, I added 30 new turns at second to my collection, which totals 717 total DP cards.

I also increased my bunting binder by 29 cards, including that amazing '78 SSPC at the bottom.

Just three broken bats. I have been hunting that Johnson for over a year, so a dime is a great price. That Payton is making me rethink the 2004 UD design. I like it.

Lastly were these three gems for the player collections. A rare Reds Konerko card, along with a team set Konerko (I snagged the team set Beckham for my rainbow), and a Petrick I was needing.

It was nice to shuffle through cards and chat up a collector next to me like Nick. His knowledge of cards surprises me. Some how he reminds me how dumb I can be in the hobby. It was a great time to dig through boxes, then stroll through and find some other cardboard. I am sure Nick will show off his pulls in time. Nick - see you in Orland in a couple months.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Calling Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and Charlie Chan

Forgive the few days break from me. After the daily posts from Wes' gracious gift, I needed a few days away from posting (Throwback Thursday posts are prescheduled). However, while the posts pause, the post office does not, and many other envelopes have appeared in the 2x3 home office from bloggers with equal generosity as Wes. Some ebay pickups have arrived too that I am excited about.

Yet, I am going to start with this interesting package I received. The cards seems pretty normal.

Has some junk wax in it, which is great cuz I needed these three along with some others. That Black Jack rookie is an upgrade to the one I have, which didn't make it so well in a box after it slide halfway down under some other cards. That one is more Boomerang Jack.

Nice prospects in the package. Micah needs to work on his defense, and Courtney needs to relax at the plate.

I will not start a Sale collection. I will not start a Sale collection. I will not start a Sale collection. I will not officially start a Sale collection.

VINTAGE! Yummy, tasty vintage.

Last was these two beauties for the Iguchi and Crede collections. Low numbered Triple Threads Tadahito. And I have never seen that Fleer Platinum card. Let me open it up.

This sweet thing is also numbered, 46/400. Those darker spots are from the little goo that held the card closed.

Ok - if you read this far, you may have notice I haven't given thanks yet. Because I have no clue whom to thank. WHO SENT THIS? Yes, there is a return address on the envelope, that doesn't match any address I have in my database. I can read "Kenny H" as the person who sent this. But I have never sent you cards, Kenny. What sorcery allowed you to get my address!? Let me thank you properly for this amazing out of the blue package. And let me punish you whom gave up my address.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday - 10.23.2014

Every Thursday, I post a card showing a ballplayer wearing a throwback uniform from my collection. Hopefully, he will be wearing it well, with proper pants blousing. I'll try not to duplicate a uniform. The picture may be from the front of the card, or the back. Enjoy the uniforms from years past.

Will Clark - 1992 Doruss Triple Play - New York Giants

Monday, October 20, 2014

Good day sunshine!

The end has arrived. I had a blast sorting and showing off the generosity of Wes over these past 10 days, and we have reached the pinnacle of the gifts, even though there are no Pinnacles in this scan. Without further delay, let's show off the super rare and unique cards Wes included, and the cryptic statement on the side of the box will finally be understood.

I pulled a card similar to this out of a blaster of 2014 Heritage. But that is numbered to 50, and it's not a White Sox. This 2011 GQ release is numbered to 10, and a team I collect, which combined together makes for a sweet addition.

The start of the 1/1s. Yes - I said "start", implying plural. I have only one other sketch card in my collection, and I pulled that from a pack of Star Wars Galaxy. Such a unique collectable. Tempy Moore has a lot of talent, so it's a nice addition to my binder.

I have pulled two plates in my life. First was a Verlander Bowman, which I sent to Hot Corner Cards. Second is a autographed Bowman Chrome Johnny Field I currently have on Ebay. At this time of typing, there are no bids, so if someone wants to trade me for it, email me quickly and I'll pull it down. But back to this plate. It's a fine replacement for that Field I am looking to send out of 2x3 headquarters.

Sticking with yellow, but moving to the 206 release. I like how these mini plates are framed. While I couldn't get into the main 206 cards, I should consider the minis. I think they work nicer as a set.

Third and final plate is this cyan from the 2013 Topps minis. It's a DP turn too. Oh, the dilemma of what binder to store this in.

However, here comes the big hit of the box, and for a nerd like me, something that brings me back to being 13.

I've done some amazing things in my Star Wars "career". I've hung out and drank with Chewie. took part in two charitable movie premiers, meet plenty of the actors from the movies - this is a great addition to my SW collection. When I opened the mini box, I saw the thickness of this card and knew it was the one item that Wes felt would be the biggest gift to me out of all the cards he sent, and he wasn't wrong.

Again, and I may have said it too much, but not enough - thanks for your generous heart, Wes.

But I am not so sure about that outfit. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Clearing skies....

Just two posts left regarding the generosity of Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk.  Wes just posted yesterday he is stepping away for a bit from his blog, but his mailing insanity will continue. So we have have sadness, as we won't get to read his words, but he will still be blessing people with amazing card drops. I think, in honor of the Giants and the Royals making the series, he should focus on a couple of those bloggers.

Anyhow, in the mini box, Wes sent 18 cards that were autographed. Hey look - another multiple of three!!! Let's have at them.

So one of the autos was not a former White Sox. But it is from 2013 Heritage. Which is the 1964 reprint. Which I am trying to build. I think that's why Wes sent it. All I know is I like it! Quite the difference in the mostly legible auto from Lance and ......whatever that is from Wesley.

I thought Kip Wells should have had a better career. Too much in the way of health issues. Purvis never made it out of the minors. Jeff couldn't be consistent enough at the plate for a career in MLB.

I LOVE the Leaf auto cards. Clean, big signature area, and on card. Plus you get those oddball player autos. Casey spent 10 years in the minors, but couldn't make it to the bigs.

Few more prospects that never panned out. However, I love me some White Sox, so I love these cards. Keenyn is still in the White Sox system, but stuck in Double-A. Pedro played two games with the Sox in 2005, went to the Reds in a waiver draft and played 14 more games before his career ended.

Morel was another high hope/low return ChiSox, now riding the bench in Pittsburgh. Silverio was a highly rated prospect in the system, but is now with the Reds. Getz - he did okay. Nothing great, but spent a few years with the Sox and Royals.

Brandon Allen bounced around the bigs and even spent a year in Japan. And.....wait....what it this? UNCERTIFIED AUTOGRAPH?!?!?

I'm outta here!

Lastly, one of the autos was an auto/relic.

Another player that I am not sure why we let him go. He was sent to Tampa for "future considerations"., what did end up getting? I can't find anything that tells me.

Another thanks, Wes, for the great binder additions. Alright folks, tomorrow is the LAST post about this box. So what's left? How about the super rare, the super cool, and the super odd. Come back and see. I think the sky is getting brighter.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Raindrops begin to slow up...

I hope you are all holding up and still playing along as I show some appreciation to Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk. We are now getting to the hits of the box, though pretty much everything in the thing was a hit when you think about it.

While the rain is finally letting up, there are still drops failing from trees, buildings and signs that drip down. Put your umbrella away too soon and your shirt will still get wet. The shirts (and bats) from these cards, though, probably only saw water in the equipment room washing machine. Yesterday, it was 21 serialed cards. Today, we have 15 relics. My scanning OCD likes when they come in multiples of three.

The Paulies head right into the new Konerko binder. I must pick up a box of Goudey for myself to rip. I love this retro homage set. Not sure I need Jeter's mug staring at me that many times, though. BTW - both of these guys won a ring in 2005. In fact, that is a pretty common factor in all the scans.

Years of Ginter. It's a shame Thome never won the big one. Peavy got his WS ring last year in Boston. Buehrle won in 2005, of course.

Couple of nice Magglio bat pieces (from the same bat, maybe?) and a cool Podzilla relic, who was never much of a batting threat, except that one at bat in 2005.

Another Beckham for the relic binder. Garcia has a great season in 2005, 14-8 in the regular season but 3-0 in the post. Jenks came on strong, had a memorable duel with Bagwell in game 1, and then flamed out, unfortunately.

Here are the final three relics. My second Fox from the Doruss Champions set, though the image is different, as well as one from Heritage. The Fisk dual relic is a nice card. I think if the Sox logo was a little bigger, it would fill that space perfectly.

The last booms of thunder clear the sky, and the clouds start to break apart.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Umbrella blown inside out...

Now we hit the heart of Wes' bombing - the mini box.

As I mentioned a few posts back, this is a 100 count box stuffed with cards. While it wasn't filled with 100 cards, you will know soon enough why that wasn't possible. Within the box was serialed cards, relic cards, autographed cards and a couple other special additions. We are going to start with the 21 serialed cards from the box. Technically, one serial card was in an envelope, but who's going to get upset and  look a gift horse in the mouth?


Unlike past posts, you are going to see everything. So be ready for an image heavy post. 

I hope you forgive me if I don't rattle off the numbers of the cards. With luck, they are on the face like these three. I miss JD's consistency at the plate. And I thought Piece of History had boring base cards. I wonder who green lighted that set at UD?

Higher end base cards with Finest and Triple Threads. I miss Buehrle in a Sox uniform. They need to bring him back. I don't miss Quentin, and I think a few Dodger fans feel the same way.

We'll have to see if Beckham is still in LA next season. Recent injuries have not made him a hot commodity. BTW - the Ramirex and the 206 Beckham are chromed cards, if it wasn't coming across. The Panini is a like a cracked ice refractor.

How about some colored borders from Bowman? This shade of orange is so much nicer than the orange they put in the box sets. And the Durham at the bottom has red foil. So much wasted space on on the base cards from Champions. Relics look much, much nicer.

Blue borders this time. Iguchi headed straight for the PC binder. That blue within the blue on the Upchurch hurts my eyes. Serafin never made it out of AAA, while Upchurch only got to A+ ball.

Museum. Now that is a nice looking set. Not as busy at Triple Threads. The Sweeney Bowman at the right looks much better in person. Well - color wise. The card design is rough on the eyeballs.

And let's end this with these three. Humber had his day in the sun, and then poof. Shame that Dunn never got an at bat in the post season. Not a shame that the Sox traded him. He come over and never brought the bat we saw in the NL. 

I think the rain is starting to let up and the clouds may be moving out. Though, could be a couple more posts before all is said and done. Tomorrow, let's see the relics.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thunder and lightning....

Players get nickhames, but I don't think a lot of double play combos get a good nickname. There might be a few out there, that a Google search isn't turning up, but usually, the second baseman and the shortstop just get known by their last names.

Morgan and Concepcion. Russell and Lopes. Trammell and Whitaker. No flashy nicknames like you find in hockey, football or auto racing.

 Jostle & Fricassee

So while thunder and lightning certainly doesn't refer to Little Louie and the Mighty Mite, it would be a shame to show off the cards Wes sent for my two projects in separate posts. 

Wes sent a total of 8 cards to add into my Nellie Fox Project. That 60 All Star card was a hard find for my Pierce Project, so it's nice to cross that off.  Lot of red in the other two cards.

Slightly chewed up by scissors, but I love these cards. Top is a 1963 Jell-O card, while the bottom is from a 1961 box of Post. I like the smaller size of the Jell-O card because of the natural size of the gelatin box.

Hey Night Owl - they cut off the top of his head ala Panini. Still, this is a gorgeous card.

The Keystone Combo card doesn't go against either Project - not until I get a 2nd for the binder. But see how nice and simple these cards are, Topps? And the complete lack of manufacturer's marks? Vintage always rules over modern.

Last is just one card into the Aparicio section of the binder pages. I imagine the kid folded this up and stuffed it into his back pocket heading off to the park for a pickup game. Or to school. Now, it's in my hands and no more folding.

On to the really good stuff next. Serials, relics, autos and the best of the best.