Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tis The's Day? Let's talk

I'm back. Before I get too far into this post, for those that are aware, this is my giveaway of doubles from the 2017 purchasing season. Before I get to that, though, I just want to talk. It's going to be long and rambling, and I'm fine if you don't want to read it. I'm not looking for pity or sympathy - just a bit of "where I am at" and "where is 2x3 Heroes at/going". If you want to just get to claiming cards, scroll down to Kath Upton. I'll start the giveaway there.

So let's talk. No big whoop.
If you are scoring at home, I had one post in December and nothing in January. And the December post was in reference to what is essentially this post, that is technically 6-7 weeks late. So what's going on? No desire? No time? Bad things? Good things? I little of all of those really. And this is not me claiming my issues are any worse than yours. They aren't, is your eyes, and they shouldn't be. What I struggle and stress about are nothing to what you deal with. I can look upon your strife and think "I could handle that", but only because I am emotionally removed from the issues. When you factor in your love and caring of the people and things you are worried about and working to correct, the emotional investment factors in to your decisions and actions. So I am not looking for a pity party or fishing for some empathetic words, I am just being transparent. It helps me.

For starters, our daughter is back home. She is living in our basement (planned) with her fiance. He finished school, but only because he got sick of the BS from the school, claiming yet again he is X number of credit hours short of this degree. It's been something they have been jacking on him over the past couple semesters and he's sick of it. And speaking of sick, my daughter is dealing with "something". We don't know what, but massive chest pains on a daily basis are crippling her from anything. ER docs have no clue. Family doc has no clue. Pulmonary doc referred to an ENT doc. GI doc still wants to run a camera down her esophagus to check things. We just know it's super painful and super shitty. She is fighting through it, but anyone with kids knows that totally powerless feeling only a parent can have. They came back home Dec 30, which was 4 months earlier than they planned. Needless to say, the basement is not ready for them, but we are working to get the walls and drywall hung, and I need to find a plumber to help me rough in a bathroom down there.

In other health, wife is ok. PD is progressing as it does. Falling isn't often, but it happens. As a family, we have all avoided the flu, though the cough my daughter has from a cold is living hell with the chest pain issue. And my left arm feels like Ricky Vaughn's from all the basement construction and hauling of lumber, drywall and carpet (yeah - my wife found someone getting rid of fairly new carpet from a house they bought. I just had to take it out and haul it home).

Son is good in Denver. About 6 weeks back he called worried he was about to be unemployed. His boss up and disappeared under very weird circumstances. He basically announced he was leaving, but some of the things he said and did were odd. He was MIA for about 10 days. The foreman of the company talked to the owner's sister who was gracious (and wealthy) enough to cut a check from her own money to pay the workers and guaranteed pay through the end of the current jobs. The boss called the sis (no idea what was said) and went MIA again. A week later he showed up. Dead. Gun shot. Not sure if self inflected or homicide, but who knows. However, the late boss gave all the tools and the business to the foreman (worked together over a decade) and said "it's yours now". So strange, sad, scary and a bunch of other adjectives, but he's good, still employed and moving forward.

I still work from home and Uber far too much. But I have bills and other needs, and a family to support, so off I go. And that's all I have to say about that. I guess the over all fact we are all still here and surviving is the positive. Some days that is all you can hope for - getting up and getting moving.

Now, let me drop a complete paradox on you with this next statement: "I don't have a desire to blog, but not because I don't have a desire to blog". I am certain many of us have been there and may, or may not, realize that very statement. And others are going "whaaaaaat"? So let's explain. I want to blog. I have so damn many wonderful packages I have received, plus ideas in my head and a few cool pickups I would love to share. I want to get to them, but blogging is not first on my mind when I have free time. When the moment comes for me to have my time, I am mentally drained. Whether a tough day on the phones, or physically wiped from the basement or driving, I don't have the mindset to write. And that's important to me. I don't like half assing my writing. I take pride in being unique and crafting a post that has humor and can make you think (unlike this post to this point). And if I can't put out good quality, then I won't do it. So I wish to post, but my head is just not into it. I hope I described that well.

I will say that one post over two months is unacceptable. I need to do better. I am not shutting down, and I hope to not have another long hiatus, but I make no promises. I have failed the promises in the past, and will again in the future. So let me just do the best I can and hopefully things will go in the direction I wish. From my post views, a few of you seem to like what I do, and I greatly appreciate that. But, as I always say, I ultimately write for me. I think creativity keeps me mentally young and helps me in work and life by thinking in much broader concepts.

Then again, I might just be an idiot.

Hi - I'm Mrs. Idiot
For those that read - thanks. For those that skipped here, welcome. So as I do each year, I give away my dupes and unwanted cards from the past year. Sometimes I through in other piles of stuff too. I just want to make room for the 2018 buying season, and you benefit. Going to try something different this year, cuz I am always trying to shake things up. But mainly because of this:

What are those? They are actually two packages from LAST YEAR'S giveaway. Yup. Somehow they got buried in my shit and I just found them a couple months back. Packages to two Canadian readers. So Al and Kyle - you were not forgotten. Just misplaced. I promise these will be the first two packages going out. And by all means, if you see something you want this year, pick it.

And a quick 2nd side note to three bloggers: Kerry at Cards on Cards, Colby and Cardboard Collections and John at Johnny's Trading Spot, I have stacks of cards for you that will hit want lists, so if you pick something, I would go for a stack you don't have posted on your blog want lists. OR roll the dice - your choice.

Alright, so how will I avoid screwing up the mailing this year? Simple. Below I will list all the cards I have to give to you for free. You simply pick the stack you want. I listed each stack with the number of team bags I have filled with the cards. Each team bag is between 32-45 cards, so you get a rough idea of how many cards you get in that set(s). I will be shipping all cards in small Priority Mailer boxes. $6 or so each for domestic. You Canadian hosers will get first class or whatever I can do for the cheapest cost. The small mailer will be full, so what you have to do when you claim a stack is tell me what team (MLB or NHL) or teams you like. I will pad out the box with cards from any and all the teams you request so it's full and send it out. I figure I can mail out 4 boxes a week - that's $20. I can make that on a single airport Uber ride.

What it gives me is an exact mailing cost for each package. I can budget out the mailings. I can thin down my team stacks. And you get a crapload of free cards. I fail to see how this can even touch on a possible loss.

Well, for starters, you are involved, Jeff.
My hope is that every stack here is claimed. I really want to get these into your hands. Look at it this way - you get from 3-5 team bags of cards from the teams of your choice. That's something, right? Here's what we have:

1 - '17 Bowman/'17 Bunt/Panini Draft ('16 I think) - 4 bags
2 - '16 Bunt/'16 Archives - 4 bags
3 - random Wrestling (current and past couple years) - 3 bags
4 - random hockey/'16 UD hockey/'16 Archives - 3 bags
5 - random UD Goodwin - 3 bags
6 - '13 Golden Age - 3 bags
7 - '17 Gypsy Queen - 5 bags
8 - '16 Gypsy Queen - 5 bags
9 - '16 & '17 Heritage/'08 UD Goudey - 5 bags
10 - '17 UD hockey/'15 UD Champs - 5 bags
11 - random A&G - few earlier/mostly '16 and a fair amount of '17 - 5 bags
12 - '16 Topps Holiday/'16 Chrome/'17 Donruss - 4.5 bags
13 - random soccer - 3 bags
14 - '16 Topps - 3 bags
15 - '16 Topps - 3 bags (didn't want to dump 6 bags on one person, so I split to two giveaways)
16 - '16 & '17 Stadium Club - 4 bags
17 - '17 Topps/Opening Day/Chrome - 4 bags
18 - '15 Topps - 4.5 bags
19 - '15 UD Firefly: The 'Verse - 3 bags
20 - '15 UD Firefly: The 'Verse - 3 bags (see '16 Topps statement above)
21 - random Star Wars - 4 bags

So a total of 21 boxes for me to send out, along with the two from the middle of this post to Canada. Again, simply comment on which stack you want. And tell me what team or teams, MLB or NHL, you want me to pad the box with. If you are not 100% sure if I have your mailing address, send me an email with the subject "Tis The Season" to 2x3heroesATgmail. Include your selections in that email as well so I cam match them up.

That's pretty much all I got. I am going on vacation on Monday to see our son in Denver, so I will do my best to keep this post up to date. I will start mailing the weekend of Feb 23rd, and I will keep bugging about any cards that are not selected because someone should have these.

And let's just put up a simple scan of some recent pickups.

Three autographs. Yes, that Foulke is from the Achives Signature and is out of the case. Let's be real - keeping it sealed up will never increase it's price. Picked that up for $5 with shipping. The GQ Rodon in middle was just under $5 with shipping. And the Alomar set me back $6. Fine binder additions.

So comment away. I will get your selection to you before 2019.

Quick note: I heard this song on the radio today and it motivated me to get this post up. Music does have a big role in my life.