Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Two by two

Hands of blue.

Among other blue appendages
If you know your Firefly references, River makes that rhyme during an episode when she talks about the group that held her captive and experimented to turn her into a killing machine. If you don't, stop reading this post and watch the entire series on Netflix right now. What the hell is wrong with you?

Now, along with blogging, I nightly play the Firefly game on Steam. It's still not completed, so basically you are just making "runs" to earn points. With those points you get crates. And in those crates are trading cards. Which is good, because I never got into Bunt, and I frankly don't enjoy the Star Wars card trader. All the power to those that do, but I like my cards tangible and tactile in hand. With the Cortex, the cards are just a side part of the game right now. When it launches, I don't believe they will factor much into the play. If anyone wants an invite for Firefly, leave me a comment. I can snag 100 points if I shoot you an email.

So in celebration of River Tam's poetry, here's two scans from two different mailings.

If you aren't going to be buried in cards from Wes at Jaybarkerfan, you won't complain when the return address if from Matt at Bob Walk the Plank. Matt always drops some great envelopes on me filled with missing cardboard. I think he hid a camera in my Sox box to see what I don't have. Plus...

...there is always a hit or two in the package. Two from Magglio this time, one off his back and the other out of his hands. And look - game used reference on each. Thanks again, Matt.

The other package is from Keith at the Home Run Apple. Always nice to have a place to send your Metropolitans cardboard. In return, Keith sent a few needs from the mid 90's on. That Sale is the rainbow foil parallel. I just need two others for the rainbow.

The Quentin was the reason for the mailing. Somehow I came out on top in a recent contest Keith ran. Luckily, the Dodger favorite Quentin was a former White Sox, so I snagged his autograph for that very reason. Imagine my surprise when the Triple Threads Sale came along for the ride, and numbered 5/18. My luck in 2015 GQ will soon be your collection addition. Thanks, Keith!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday - 05.21.2015

(note: been almost 2 months since I posted one of these - let me get back on track starting today)

Every Thursday, I post a card showing a ballplayer wearing a throwback uniform from my collection. Hopefully, he will be wearing it well, with proper pants blousing. I'll try not to duplicate a uniform. The picture may be from the front of the card, or the back. Enjoy the uniforms from years past.

Josh Hamilton - 2014 Topps Stadium Club - California Angels

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keeping track

I'm fairly certain I can say "School House Rock" and everyone will get the reference. It' embedded into our cultural lexicon so much that it's known by people who may not have been around to see it first hand, just like American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan, Candid Camera and the like. I know many of you reading this, however, did see them Saturday mornings between cartoons on ABC. Hell, for a while the cartoons really sucked and catching SHR was the highlight of the morning, along with snagging the prize out of a fresh box of Quisp.

I bring up School House Rock, because when I share these scans from a package sent to me by Brian at HSCA, one of the songs from mathematics comes to mind: I Got Six. There is a theme to all these cards. Let me show you and explain.

These technically don't fit in with the theme. However, one cannot receive some '79 OPC and not show them off.

I do wish the Queen's Throwbacks were in color. I get the idea, but still - they could have washed them out a bit. Most of the joy of throwbacks are in the color. Geez, that is a great miscut. Boy oh boy.

I need to complete the GQ mini set of the Basics of Baseball, so if you have any lying around I would be most appreciative. Throwback in the middle and a sweet mini of Golden Age. I miss Golden Age.

Shiny throwbacks.

Cards needed for the player collections. Chromes on the outsides.

Not just any 2014 Eaton but a SP image variation Eaton. And that wasn't the last Eaton in the mailing.

My 2nd copy of this card. This copy is a great centerpiece in my throwbacks binder.

So, what ties them all together? Brian checked out my lists, both up top and via Zistle. There wasn't a card he sent that was a dupe (besides the Eaton auto). Brian, thanks for the cards and thanks for realizing "I Got Lists".

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The waiting game.

With my Hawks sweeping the Wild, and the Ducks getting past the Flames, the Western Conference finals have not started because the Lightning can't seem to close out the Habs, and the Caps need to complete their implosion and lose to the Rangers. So for the past few days, I am forced to watch non-Indian Head sweaters on the tube.

Fortunately, Pat over at Hot Corner Cards took the time to drop a stuffed small mailer box on my a week or so ago, and my usual White Sox were not the only inhabitants.

I got some masked net minders in the box. Huet was supposed to be the most wanted free agent in 2008. So we jumped out and spent almost 25million on the guy. And a bust he was. The worst part was the salary hit we had to deal with. Turco was a backup signing for a year, ultimately losing the starting job to current goalie Crawford. And Tony O? Just one of the best ever.

I like steeger, though many others don't. He just needs to stay focused. He can be lazy and not let things slide off his back. Hoss is boss - nothng more to day. And the rumor is Shooter is gone after this season. Hate to see Sharpie leave, but he probably won't sign for less than he is worth.

Two Conn Smythe winners on the top, and Havlat, who just can't seem to hang on anywhere. Martin is still young enough, but will probably ink a one year deal, or go overseas next season.

Now, the box also had some of my hometown boys within:

There's that ProCards Thomas again. A near complete Fleer Ultra team set, and a nice Fleer sticker oddball.

Brian Anderson. Sigh..... The same with Morel. Highly touted and failed to deliver. The awesome SPX at the bottom is a sweet diecut bronze. and then Pat hit the binders.

Three new Paulies.

Glorious miscuts. I am amazed the number I have where the corners are not at right angles. How does one screw up that bad?

Shattered lumber!!! Two are for sure broken bats. The Sorrento on the left is hard to tell, but either that is a freaky optical illusion, os a slight bend in the barrel. Good eyes, Weber.

Lots of nice throwbacks, too. Granted, you cannot be too sure on the Burnett, but we all know that is a throwback uniform. Into the binder it goes. Pat also dropped about 45 double play and bunting cards on me, 14 which were need additions. Thanks Pat - see you at the National.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

PWE-ish Wars: Dime Boxes vs reader Brandon

I am sure you have seen that today is Willie Mays' 84th birthday. If you haven't, then you must be locked in a dark room. It was on TV, the radio, every social media, every internet news page. Pretty hard to get away from that bit of information.

Is Richard Burton still married to Elizabeth Taylor?
But what you may not know is today is also the 100th birthday of the great Orson Welles. Actor and director of easily the best movie ever made, as well as the creator of the largest, unintentional panic in 1938 with Wars of the Worlds. I'm talking about the radio drama, not that thing Tom Cruise did. Well, in that honor, let's have a little PWE-ish war. Did one a long time ago, and it was fun. Here are two recent packages I received the past week, one from Nick over at Dime Boxes, and the other from reader Brandon, whom I have traded with before. Nick's PWE was out of the blue, while Brandon and I did a small little trade for some relics. They were not equal in cards, but we can still have some fun. For all the images, Nick's contribution will be on the left, or the top, and Brandon will be on the right, or the bottom.

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnd FIGHT!

Starting off with some minis. Nick with a nice Barojas that seemed to come from a magazine, while Brandon counters with some mini stickers from Topps. Round one to Nick for the oddball.

Shinys!!! Love the Sirotka from Brandon, but that Jones is a glorious miscut. Nick up 2-0.

Old timey cards. Nick sent in the Heritage Quintana and a Golden Age Gleason, which are nice for the Sox box. Brandon sent me a couple cards for the 2010 Turkey Red insert set I am working on, This round goes to Brandon. 2-1.

Player collections. Konerko Chrome versus Crede Focus. The Chrome is a dupe and the Crede is new. 2-2. All tied up!

Those junk wax Pinnacles are always pieces of beauty. But this card had to go into battle against Stadium Club. And boy Stadium Club always had great images. Brandon with his first lead.

Throwbacks. Some nice Sox throwbacks from Brandon, but I think Nick hacked my ebay account and found these two, plus a few others, on my watch lists. That Berroa is pure heaven. Back tied up 3-3. Quite the seesaw battle here.

Other binder collections. Nick hits me with a bunch of bunting cards, and that sweet Walker broken bat. Brandon drops just a couple double plays, but they are from some pretty sets. I'm calling this round a push. Still tied 3-3. Last image to go - who will win?!?!

Vintage against relic. Here are the two stars from each package. A '57 card of Botger in a bunt post from Nick and a bet relic of Magglio from Brandon. Dig the little flag in the center of the relic. I hate to really do this, but I will have to call this round even as well.

So we count up the numbers and the final tally:
Nick = 3
Brandon = 3
push = 2

Well folks, we have another tie, just like last time. Guess you two will just need to send me more cards to decide a winner.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spending cash

Sometimes you have to hit the 'bay if you want to add some things to your collection. As much as you hope another blogger can get their mitts on some sweet cardboard, ultimately you need to open your wallet and deal with shipping costs. Here's some recent pickups online.

From a vendor that had a flat shipping of $2.50 for as many cards as you buy, I picked up a dozen '58 White Sox for the team set. After all was said and done, I paid just over a buck per card. And quality wise is pretty high. All the cards are in great shape.

Just a single Kimball - card #100. I snagged this for a $1.45 with shipping from Sportlots. This Ruth completes the Kimball Champions set. I'll scan the entire set on another post. Just glad to knock this one out.

My first two additions to the Ted Wilks project. I figured that TipTop card on the left would be extremely hard to find. I lucked out last week, randomly searching and found this one for $13 with shipping. The Eureka stamp was a pickup for $3. Five cards left to complete.

The same night as the TipTop I sniped this Fox Red Man card for $3.25. I threw in a Buy It Now of a '63 ChiSox Mike Joyce since shipping was combined. Just over $7 total. Someone did a number on the tab, but I have yet to find a Red Man of Nellie for under $15 with or without the tab.

A nice '61 Topps Stamp for the Lollar collection. I was happy someone separated this and sold it alone, as every auction I have ever seen of the Sherm stamp is attached to a stamp of the Say Hey Kid. Picked this up for 10 quarters with shipping.

I didn't know these Fleer Futures came in a black parallel. Luckily, my saved search for Petrick cards pulled this up. Set me back a buck with shipping.

I took a chance, spending $6, on a 130 card lot of Konerko. The images had a bunch of dupes, but I figured if I found 25 new cards for the collection, I was ahead of the game. I added 53. I was able to add a few new cards to Jeff's Konerko collection at My Sports Obsession. Plus, if I so desire I have a nice amount left to try for TTMs.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Big things in small packages

Yes, today is Star Wars Day, but I did my Star Wars post last year. I haven't really acquired anything SW related in a very long time. I did watch all of the Clone Wars on Netflix, and season 1 of Rebels on SW.com (and my cable on demand). But that's about it. It's not to say my love for the movies has waned. It's difficult to have a lot of collections going at one time.

It's fortunate that readers help with my card collection. From the small PWEs, to manila envelopes, to the massive mailings from JBF. In fact, it's hard to not credit some of the finest pieces in my binders to a JBF box, a Bob Walk the Plank stuffed envelope, or a Zippy Zapping of a custom Bowman pack. But that is not to say there isn't some greatness that is shipped in the tiniest of mailings.

Most of us have been graced with a mailing from one of the above. And most probably have received one of the amazing PWEs that comes from Mark Hoyle. If you have ever been Hoyled, you have added some gorgeous vintage to your collection. And that happened to me a couple weeks back. I get the feeling Mark hit up my Sox team sets link above since every card I received checked off a line on a spreadsheet.

Mark helped out my 1963 team set with a total of 4 cards, giving me 9 out of the 25 for the set.

All the Sox images for the two years must have been from New York. You can see the iconic scroll work at the top of the upper deck.

The five cards from the '64 set puts me at halfway to the 30 total in that year. Mark, your envelopes are always welcome sights in my mailbox.

One last thing about today. While it is Star Wars Day, we also lost a pioneer in the music industry 3 years ago with the passing of Adam Yauch. I was not a huge Beastie fan, but have slowly appreciated their talent with each passing day.