Tuesday, April 28, 2015

De l'autre côté de l'étang

Pour la petite histoire, je tapé ensemble ce poste, et puis je collé dans Google Translate pour le mettre en français. Pourquoi? Parce que toutes les cartes que vous voyez sont venus de Kevin sur au La carte Papoy. Je envoyé Kevin une pile de cartes, il a remporté des Tis the Season cadeau (basket-ball), et même si il ne devait rien pour eux, je recevais un petit paquet quelques semaines dos avec quelques goodies belles.

Sur la photo: goodies français
Kevin a envoyé quelques excellents ajouts pour la boîte Sox, ainsi que d'une belle carte de A&G relique qu'il me manquait des White Sox.

Ces inserts colorés excentriques de l'an dernier sont difficiles à trouver. Ceci est seulement le 2e verte je l'ai, et je dois, mais une bordure jaune. Une belle signature d'argent de 100 ans Franco dans le milieu. Et je l'aime, l'amour, L'AMOUR qui throwback autocollant d'Albert Belle. Droit dans le liant, il est allé.

Je dois vraiment obtenir ma liste Hometown Heroes ensemble et compléter l'ensemble. Et envoyez-moi toutes les cartes Thomas que vous voulez - je ne vais pas commencer un PC. Mais je vais les chercher, je vous remercie.

Il ya le grand A&G relique je l'ai mentionné au sommet. Gris est mieux que le blanc, pour sûr. Et comme cela semble être "la carte de visite" de Kevin, je suis Beiber'd! Appréciez les cartes, Kevin.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A rookie no more

In the MLB, you are considered a rookie as long as you have had less than 130 at bats, less than 50 innings pitched or spent less than 45 days on the active roster of the team. For the NFL, you are only a rookie if you are on an NFL team for the first time - any time spent in Canada or Arena don't count. That's about the same for the NBA. In the NHL, you need to be younger than 26 and played less than 25 games the previous season.

Julie, over at A Cracked Bat, has been around long enough she is no longer a rookie. And when she sends you unsolicited packages, then she gets the All Rookie logo on her 2nd year card. A while back, Julie dropped an envelope of goodness for the boxes and binders in my house. From the Sox box, to the player collections and the relics, Julie added a lot of cardboard to my collection.

I don't seek out box toppers. If I buy a box (rare) and get one, then awesome. I certainly will not turn down a box topper and repect each one I have. See what I did there? That Obak is straight up awesome. A card like that bumps another bunting card from the first page to the back of the binder.

Lots of shiny cards too. Alexei went to the throwback binder. Durham went to the DP binder. Johnson hit the Sox box.

So much for my player collections. It's hard to pick a favorite. The best thing about packages are cards I never thought about being added to my collection. I'm not a prospect hunter, so hunting for early cards of any player collections is off my radar.

Dang near complete set of Fleer Flair? Ok. Nice posed fielding shot of Alvarez. Or he's constipated.

The sheer amount of Big Hurt cardboard astounds me. Again, I am not making a player collection of him. One day I'll figure out how much space the Big Hurt takes up in the Sox box.

WHOA!!! Julie packed the evelope with some great hits. An UD Goodwin when they had a MLB license ('09 was a great set), a Topps Triple Threads Dunn to the odd number of 18, and a sweet Lopez auto that goes into the bunting binder. That's two cards that got the bump to the back!

Jules, I am working on a return package. You put the pressure on me to make it a good one.

Friday, April 24, 2015

No, I'm last.

Chris at the awesome Nacho Grande threw up a post today about a package he received from the awesome Junior Junkie. It was the mailing he received from the Brooklyn Bridge length receipt that TJ created from a bevy of mailings that went out. Chris made the comment that everyone else had posted about what they got in the mail so he might as well be last. Not so fast, partner.

I'm-a gittin'
I was another one on that list of many, and TJ did another fantastic job in packing an envelope with cardboard.

Player collections cards for Rowand, Konerko and Crede. Yeah - that one on the right in silver, not blue.

Shiny cards. That Thome looks better in person - the silhouette didn't scan well in the background.

Instant rainbows of former White Sox prospects.

Junk wax team sets. Take a close look at them. Either TJ was being a goof and penny sleeved the set before packing (a possibility knowing him), or someone really thought these would have value in the coming years.

Seventeen new cards for the bunting binder. Young in the upper left is wisely pulling back the bat on a high pitch.

Two sweet relic cards. It's nice the Sale and Santos swatches are different colors.

This last one is interesting. A serialed, uncirculated Magglio card still in the Topps sealed card holder. And it was destined for me - LOOK AT THE NAME! Well, the Topps foil sticker wasn't sealing the case anymore so...


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tis the season for a resurection

So much happens when winter turns to spring - all this renewal. Easter is a holiday of rebirth. The flowers start poking out from the ground. The dead trees look alive again as their greenery returns, as well as the white and the pink if the tree flowers that way. The lawn becomes a shades closer to the blend of blue and yellow and less of a blend of brown and more brown. The birds return, as do the bees and wasps. Luckily we are still a few weeks away from the flies and mosquitoes from showing up, but they will be here.

Ok, attack the BBQ on the count of 4. BREAK!
Hopefully, one of the renewals coming will be the rebirth of a certain blog. Chris, from Old Foul Cardboard, has been too far out of commission behind the keyboard. Now, Chris and I chat a bunch over text, so I know he's busy with work, family and life. It's always nice, though, when someone writes. I find blogging to be cathartic. It's a place to channel my emotions, or my stupidity.

At least if Chris isn't blogging, he and his son still find some fine cardboard at shows in his area.

That is some primo miscuts right there. It's hard to pick a winner between mini Reggie and Mac. Non 90 degree corners vs. complete lack of a team name. Plain pretty they both are.

As one can expect, I never see anything like these at my LCS or a card show for a price I am willing to pay. My hope is Chris picked these up for a dime. Maybe a quarter. Danks went right into the throwback binder. I think the Target border works a little better with the beach blanket throwbacks than the blood foil.

Seems like plenty of Hawks out east as well. A nice triple diamond of Kaner paired with a Abreu Donruss cards. I still want to like Donruss. This design works, except for the foil paper. I've decided, however, that the two miscuts in the first image tie for 2nd compared to this one.

Joe Morgan?! Heck yeah! Nothing like a HOF'er in the miscut binder. Speaking of the HOF, how about that pre rookie of the Big Hurt? I like the position listing of "infield". I don't think Frank ever played another spot than first.

Thanks as always, Chris. Find some time for your blog - it's lonely.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Take a wiff

Since I work from home, and since I am the one always freaking about money, and since I am the one that is frugal (just a PC word for a cheap bastard), I prefer meals at home instead of eating out. That's not to say we don't get food out at a restaurant. However, I prefer carry out, as you save money on tips (I usually tip 20% or more when we sit down), or something simple. So it's pretty common that when my wife comes home the first words out of her mouth is "something smells good".

It'll be done when the internal temp is 160, honey!
For the record, today was shepherd's pie. I didn't feel like making meatloaf, so a quick search and I found a simple recipe for it. Turned out ok. And no - I will not cook you dinner, so don't ask.

Segue the smell into this blog post, I received some cards from Tim at Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning. He posted some cards pulled from 2015 packs and I jumped on the First Pitch card he offered as I put one in my throwback binder and needed another to complete the set. We padded out the cards to a regular trade, and Tim did some additions to other binders.

Dig all those Crede's. There is a page worth there, which is just what they filled up. Some great oddballs with the top middle and the outsides of the 2nd row. The center card is not yellow but foil gold. Scanner had a field day with it.

My 2013 Heritage is in a binder, so two SPs are welcome additions. I'm not sure how hard I will push to complete that set this year, but I really should. And Kelly is an SP from the '14 edition of Heritage. A lot farther away in finishing that, but someday.

Some day, I will get my Sox box enetered into Zistle, and then I will know the number of Thomas cards I have. I'm guessing about 200 now or so, but no plans to make a PC out of him. These three remind us how really messed up the late 90's were card-wise. The Pacific on the right is die cut - those spikes would make a hell of a throwing star.

Here's the card that started it all, and helped me finish the the First Pitch insert set. Nothing like some RATM on cardboard. And the Maggio I added because for a simple design, that is just perfect. Proof that you don't need a ton of design layout to make a pretty piece of cardboard. Thanks for all the cards, Tim.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Topps and 42

If all the media, the uniforms and all the blogs weren't the clue, today is Jackie Robinson Day. I'm not sure if someone (NightOwl?) has ever done this before, but I thought about Topps and card #7 for the Mick. It was not three for a while, then it was with Mick being card 7 every year, then when Topps lost the rights to Mantle, they retired the card number and haven't used it. Yes - annoying if you are building a set. Topps love of Mantle is less for his baseball skills, I think, then his power in the trading card industry. Don't get me wrong - the guy played ok on the field. But I think Topps shows Mantle such honor because of his position with cardboard.

But Mantle's uniform number is not retired throughout baseball. Jackie's is. So I thought about taking a look at the players that have been given that hallowed card number in Topps sets since the year his number was pulled from the shelf - 1997. And it's an interesting bit of data for sure. I have listed the players name, his skin tone or nationality and team name. When needed, I grabbed an image of the card from COMC.

The year his number was retired through the major leagues, Topps put Jackie himself on card #42. The style of the card was very different than the rest of the base set that year.

1998 - F.P. Santangelo - white - Montreal Expos
1999 - Chris Stynes - white - Cincinnati Reds

2000 saw our first black player, Jamaican too, get #42 with Chili Davis. Great broken bat card, btw. Need this!

2001 was another great #42 for my binders, and I have this one of Dominican Republic player Luis Polonia.

2003 - Danny Bautista - Dominican Republic - Colorado Rockies

Josh Phelps took the 2004 honors. At least he is listed as a first baseman on the back, Jackie's later position.

2005 - Carl Crawford - African American - Tampa Bay Rays
2006 - Reed Johnson - white - Toronto Blue Jays

Another Latin player from Cuba gets the #42 treatment in 2007 - Livan Hernandez.

2008 - Corey Hart - white - Milwaukee Brewers
2009 - Jeff Francouer - white - Atlanta Braves

In 2010, Topps made card #42 a league leaders card, putting two African Americans (Fielder & Howard) on the card with Pujols from the Dominican Republic.

The last person to wear 42 on the field finally shows up on card #42 with Panamanian Mariano Rivera.

2012 - Drew Pomeranz - white - Colorado Rockies

Remember 2013? That was the year Topps had some fun and many of the cards below 100 were given to players whose uniform number matched the card. Did they put Rivera on this year? Nope. Did they even put the Dodgers on this card? Nope.

Rivera gets his sunset card on #42 for the 2014 release. And who is carrying the torch this year?

White guy Todd Frazier.

To break it down more, since 1997, there have been 7 players from Latin American countries, 8 white guys (all Americans) and just 4 players that are black. And team breakdown looks like this:

Yankees 4
Rockies 2
Reds 2
Expos 1
Cubs 1
Blue Jays 1
Rays 1
Diamondbacks 1
Brewers 1
Phillies 1
Cardinals 1
Tigers 1

Not a Dodger too be found.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Binder filler

From where I sit, as I type this, I have a bookshelf behind me which is where I keep the cards that make it to a binder. Only 2 dozen of the books, and only half have rings larger than 2 inches. In them I keep my double play cards, bunting, throwbacks and miscuts. Player collections of Iguchi, Rowand and Crede in one, Fox, Apraricio and Lollar in a second, Petrick in a third and Konkerko by himself in a fourth. There are a few sets in binders too.

My binders are a mish-mosh of styles and colors. Whatever I can find at the Goodwill for a buck, and whatever my wife can score for the stuff they want to toss at work. All it takes is a label, or a card, to ID the binder and store what you want.

A lot of the cards within those binders comes from a good friend Jim over at GCRL. It was his double play binder idea that I borrowed (stole) to start my first custom collection. That binder, which you can see in the middle of the bottom row, is now over 850 cards strong, and about to branch out into a 2nd book. Jim recently sent a package with a note saying "too many cards for a PWE war", and he added a lot to the binders you see.

There were plenty that never made it into a binder, but filled holes in the Sox box. Neither Singleton, nor Liefer panned out much as White Sox. I think the inability to work a door knob should have been an indicator in that.

Lots of nice bunting cards from the '95 set. Always good to see the Topps rookie cup logo, even if 1995 would be the last year that Patterson played in the bigs.

Couple for the double play binder. I believe that is a Matt Williams cameo on the Valentin card.

And a few for the throwback binder. That Cruz was a saved search in ebay but never made it to the most wanted baker's dozen. Beautiful blousing on the pants by Jose. That's the look of a ball player.

Jim added a couple vintage miscuts. Three names I have never, ever heard of, though I think that 2nd baseman was a player on What's Happening.

Lastly, Jim sent in a couple for the player collections. While the Aparicio is officially a "cards released during their playing days", I always accept any card with the player pictured. The Konerko Classic clippings helped me break the 300 count mark for Paulie. Thanks for suspending the PWE war, Jim.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Measure twice; cut once

I've done my fair share of home projects. The first I can recall doing was when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My grandfather came over to our house to help remodel the basement. We added a wall and framed/insulated the outside walls to make the basement more usable. A rec room, though with 3 sloppy kids, it probably should have been spelled "wreck".

Damn near killed 'em.

I've done more work since them - bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, carpeting, tile, laminate flooring, sheds, decks, patios - too much to go through. The key in everything is to get it right the first time. I have had my share of being too much in a hurry and screwing up my numbers. It's fine when you cut it too long. But you know you can't put back on what you take off. You have to get a new board, or tile, or whatever, and start new.

Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball shot me a message via Twitter asking about some miscuts he had. Offered them up for my collection. Always a no brainer when offered collection cards. Tony sent a total of 43 cards that were miscuts, in varying levels of badness (or greatness, depending how you feel).

First, you have your subtle miscut. It's a bit too close to the edge, like Figueroa. Or too close to the top like Hanna. Maybe you still have a bit off the edge showing, but you can see the cut lines on the other side of the card, like Hernandez.

Now we move up to more noticeable problems. You start seeing parts of the card that shares the sheet with the current card. You still have a far amount to view, but someone on the line didn't spend enough time getting them lined up properly in the cutter.

Last, you have the horrible/fantastically off cut cards. Tons of bleed from the adjoining card. You are losing whole sections of the name, image or design, and with luck you can identify who was on the sheet of cards next to the player. I love that Roberts plays for the Oyals, and Maddox is a member of the Milwaukee Rangers. Here is the best two from the stack.

The '62 Groat is the 2nd oldest miscut in the binder, joining two other '62s, and the three being overshadowed by a sweet '52 Hank Edwards. The Berenyi is the pinnacle of a miscut - loss of image, bleed from the card next to it, and misshaped.

There was one final card that Tony sent.

Perfectly centered. That creepy thing would probably grade a 10. Thanks for the miscuts, and the nightmare fuel, Tony.