Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Big cards in small envelopes

I did a ton of sorting and filing recently, and somehow I feel like I barely made a dent to my desk. The fact that Zistle is in total limbo is the first issue, so I have a good 150-200 cards sitting here I have not entered because about 35% of them are sets that are not in the database, and probably never will be with Beckett doing pretty much nothing with the site.

Live Zistle security camera image
There are also a few stacks of cards to sort into the dupe box, others need to get broken down by team, a 400 count box stuff with a purchase of cards (for a future post), packs for APTBNL storage and then just a general clutter. My desk is too much a catch all. Oh yeah - and a few stacks of wonderful generosity from bloggers and readers. So let me combine a few small mailers in one. I hope each of you posted won't mind.

Yup. I am still working on 2016 GQ. Thankfully, Duane at Democratic Roadkill dropped a few cards towards me on my Want list, including that Ruth SP. And it didn't stop there.

Night Owl loves his minis, but he would be hard pressed to top Duane and his mini sets. If I recall, and correct me if I am wrong, Duane has built ever mini set released in A&G. And yes - EVERY. The borders, the backs, the inserts, the SPs, the extended minis. All of them. Thankfully, a fair amount of his overage comes to my binders, which is why I don't mind sending the minis I pull from my Gint-A-Cuffs box out east. Thanks Duane.

Just a 3 card PWE from Fuji. He recently ripped a couple damaged boxes of Hometown Heroes (I need in on them just for the hits) and helped me get closer to completing the base set - a single card short of the non SP. Thanks for the help, Mark.

Commishbob and myself are getting famous over at UniWatch, each of us getting a shout out the past couple weekends when Phil put an ask out about what makes the perfect baseball card. In the long run, they all do. Except the ones with Red Wings on them. Cubs too. But these three have neither, with a couple vintage for the miscut binder and a Drake's Baines. I have no idea what Sox are in the Drake's Big Hitters set, but this is one I do not have.

Bob also dropped a Fox Exhibit card on me, and then two autographs. It's the second Minnie I own, though the first I have is just a 3x5 index card, so I like one with the Cuban Comet's face. To think we once had LaRussa in the 3rd base dugout. The only title he secured on the south side was the '83 Division Champs. He had to leave to get a ring (or 3). Nice additions, Bob.

I'm going there: not quite sure how these are called "no blackplate" when you have two of the three cards showing players in the alt black jersey. Hey - I don't design the cards. I just criticize them. These three arrived from Judson over at My Cardboard Habit. Recent pulls from a couple of hot White Sox boxes. Thankfully, those that get those hot boxes send me envelopes, so I reap the benefit. Thanks Judson.

Last, but not least, is Shane at Shoebox Legends. We are both working on a buy back frankenset, though mine has stalled and his is exploding. But again - I reap the benefits of bloggers. Ten of Shane's rejects hit my mailbox. The Splittorff just reminds you how amazing the images from the 1973 set are.

Here are the rest, with a miscut Nelson to finish off the scan. Man - '59 Topps has some funky colors in their football release too. Gotta love the old Colts logo in the upper right. Shane goes through his recent pickups to see what makes the cut into the set and which get the reject as being dupes. I will say that I had to make a couple cuts as well, as two numbers were already filled. Let's look at them.

YUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!! Two were exact copies of current cards in the set, right down to the foil stamp. Fortunately, Colborn in the set got to move from the buy back to the miscut binder. The extra Jutze? I think I know a dimwit I can mail it to. Thanks for the help, Shane.

Alright. My desk is getting a little cleaner. Barring another family get together, I might have it cleared by August.


  1. A. The Gypsy Queen Walk Off Winners is a great looking set.
    B. Totally forgot that LaRussa managed the White Sox.
    C. The Minoso and Splittorff cards cards are fantastic!


  2. You're welcome Jeff, always happy to contribute to your buyback project!

  3. I have a large Julie London vinyl collection. Love her music! Skippy Jutze needs to live inside my Astros binder - a very cool card!