Wednesday, June 28, 2017

So.....uhh.......yeah. Hi.

I have posted a grand total of once in the past 5 weeks. I'm not going to get into excuses or anything. It's what we all encounter - life. Nothing is horrible here in the 2x3 homestead. We are all healthy and safe. Roof over the head. Food in the stomach. Standard struggles everyone has from time to time. It just happens. But we are good and I need to make an effort to get back here. Writing gives me a sense of accomplishment, no matter the grammatical errors and poor spelling.

Let's do this!

Over the past month without posts (I do read and have commented my usual extremely important, life altering comments), a few envelopes have trickled in. Let's look at a couple. First up, Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown.

Love the Black Jack Illinois parallel from Hometown Heroes, but focus a bunch on the other two cards. In the middle, a serialed card of Frazier from last year's "Gold Label", which I use is quotes because that Paulie on the right is the real Gold Label. Look at the beauty! The way it shines, scans and curls like a true Chrome refractor. For those that liked the "Gold Label" from last year, get your hands on the real stuff. Not the pathetic foil board they are passing off on us. #Resist

Tasty vintage! It may be hard to tell, but the Rollie is a miscut. Just a little it at the top. And I hope not to spoil a certain dime boxer's future short term stops post, but if you have that 81 Fleer, there is an interesting tidbit I never knew about on the back.

As great as the cards were, to get card from Gavin is always a treat. Dig this custom mailer they were packaged within:

Seriously Gavin - you need help. Or better, a beer. Thanks man!

And the other mailer today came from north of the border, DJ at Sportscards From The Dollar Store. The land of hockey must mean hockey cards, right? You bet your bippy!

Toews is all chrome, so all crap on my scanner. I'm guessing the Clout was a dupe, or a reject, from his mask binder. And how about the back of Grampa's 92-93 UD. Decent Blues sweaters that year, and a view of the Blues 25 years patch. Then Doug went a did this....

Thought for sure we would lose Hartman in the Knights expansion draft, but we protected him wisely. Nice big swatch of red and his initials autograph. And then holy sh*t!!! DJ has already gifted me with an on card autograph of Patrick Kane. Now he follows it up with his sweet as hell auto-relic of the Big Hurt from Leaf's Sportkings.

There were two cards I figured would be really difficult for my Project 2005. One was Lee Man-soo, as he is in South Korea. I thought I found out he was involved with the KBO, but not so sure anymore. However, any Korean readers want to help me out, I am willing to work out a deal.

Second was the Big Hurt, for the sheer price I would have to pay. His autos are consistent in price, barring a purely lucky find here and there. This is a fine addition to the binder. And now I REALLY owe Doug. Dangit, but in a good way.

So there we have it. A post from little old me. You thought I was gone, but nope. I am like that cat from Zoom. I'm even typing up this post while wearing a stripped shirt and having oily, unkempt hair and dirty feet.


  1. Good to read a post from you, my friend! I like the look of that Frazier Gold Label, but it's got nothing on that Paulie. (Also, points for the Bueller gif.)

  2. Welcome back! Also, I still must somehow pry that glorious Seager from your grasp lol. Kate's been clamoring for it.

  3. Good to know you're alive and kicking... with the oily hair and dirty feet ;)

  4. I've noticed June is my least active month too. If I didn't put up some filler-ish current event posts I would have been in the single digits this month...and I didn't get a single post written for any of my regular series. I didn't even get around to posting any of the "Sets in my Collection" series even though I've still got some I wrote in 2015 (!) ready to go.

    That Hartman is way cool.

  5. I'm going to bomb your mailbox very soon to pay back for that Cole.

  6. Nice Thomas auto!

    Glad to see a new post

  7. I actually just picked up a nice looking version of that Rollie for my Ivy frankenset

  8. you were missed! I choked up seeing the Gavin custom. Sometimes I think you two are related!