Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Updates: Tis The Season and other stuff

Holy crap - has it been 5 weeks since I have been here?

Grab the weed whacker - where's the "G" key?
I've been busy. And when I'm not busy, I'm mentally wiped. It's been hard to come here and write when I'm either not in the chair I am currently in, or desire some mind numbing nothingness to just wind down from my work day. In the past, I was able to blog during my work hours and schedule a post, but lately, if the call hasn't been extremely taxing, it repetitive nonsense that makes you lose hope for humanity at the most, but certainly hope in management's decisions.

But while I have desire and time (it's below zero outside so the hell if I am Ubering and I'm off of work until January 2), let me get a quick post with some information and a few scans up.

First off, I am at the least 48 hours late for Tis The Season. I promise I will be doing the annual giveway of my 2017-ish dupes. It will be a one post blowout, hopefully up either Sunday or Monday. It's going to be pretty simple - more details when it comes.

Posts. Man, am I behind on posts. I have a good dozen or more mailers I need to thank people publicly for, so thanks for your generosity, but even more for your patience. It will happen.

Blogs. I have been reading and commenting here and there. You are all good writers - keep it up. Your words and scans keep me from telling my boss to cram this job. Cuz trust me - cram my job. I'm not paid enough to deal with the callers and how they hate this new process or that, not knowing who I (the company) am and what I handle, don't give a rat's ass to learn a new procedure, or someone making more money than me not passing on information that would make my (the department) day easier. Just don't stop.

Ok - how about a quick few scans. I did a couple boxes on Black Friday. I did load up my COMC cart, but the wallet said no go, so I never placed the order. However, I did get boxes of 2013 Golden Age and Firefly: The 'Verse. Only need the minis and inserts from Golden Age, and the hits from both. Prices were right, so let's see what we ended up with.

I think I ended with 5 cards for the mini and insert sets. These were my guaranteed hits. Nothing great, but well accepted into the binders.

Going to the Firefly box, you are guaranteed two autos and a manu-relic. Here's the manu-relic and one of the autos. Of the previous two boxes I bought, one of the two autographs has always been an auto from one of the artists on a matte copy of one of their cards. This artist is Kevin Sharpe, who does a lot of comic work for DC and Marvel.

But I hit it pretty well in this box with two bonus hits. Two actor autographs, and better still - two I do not have. And my 2nd sketch card from this product, this fine 1/1 of Zoe Washburn done by Matt Stewart. I didn't realize there were som many artists named "Matt Stewart". Took a while to find a link to the correct one. How sweet is that sketch, though? Love it!

Ok - for a post I was hoping to knock out in 20 minutes, it's been over an hour. Again - sorry for the lack of posts and basically, the lack of everything. 2018 - gotta be better, right? I'm jealous of my dog - lying around all day doing nothing and sleeping. I need a job like that.


  1. Hopefully a break will help you out.Not long enough I'm sure. At least you didn't pull a Cindy auto.
    Hope callers get better for you.

  2. Missed reading on here. Glad to see a new post and hope things slow down for you so I can see more.

    Nice stuff from Golden age

  3. Sorry work has been such a drag. Hope thinks turnaround in the new year.

  4. I'd love to one day bust a box of 2013 Golden Age. Love that product. Hope things get better at your work in 2018.

  5. Glad to a post pop up form you.

    I wish baseball autographs were as legible as Eve Plumb's!

  6. Eve and Eva - these are fun cards! Miss you JJ! Hope 2018 treats you well!!!