Tuesday, February 19, 2019

What a run

For starters, a few commenters mentioned the images on my last post cannot be viewed. I snapped the pics from my phone and linked the images from my Google Photos account. Yeah - guess it's not working, so I downloaded the edited the post. If you wanna see the spoils, you should be able to now. But on to current business....

We have all heard the phrase "there's one in every group". It's extremely true here on the blogs as it is elsewhere in the world.

Or maybe a lot more here on the blogs
Many have sung the praise of the closing of JayBarkerFan/Area 40, run by the one and only Wes. This group of ours here in blog world is beyond generous. Wes' level of magnanimity is hard to follow. He has "bombed" a few of us (myself included), and I think we all recall the epic wars between Wes and Matt from Bob Walk The Plank. If you ever decide to come back to battle, Wes, I'm not sure who you could hit (cough cough) a cracked bat (cough cough cough)?

Wes is taking a leave, hopefully not permanently, and had his amazing blow out to close out his blog. I requested my White Sox and Blackhawks. So while there are other older packages I need to post, I hope you forgive me and move Wes to the front of the line.

Some serials and inserts. The Field of Visions has that DuFlex technology, I believe.

Minis, both numbered to /99. I don't have a lot of 205 minis, so never noticed they seem to be a bit smaller than current minis.

Relics. I still like the Sox vests and wish they didn't retire them.

My only Blackhawks hit was this auto of former captain Dirk Graham. A few failed prospects with the Broadway, Rogowski and Lopez, and a failed manager with Ventura. Still some great additions to the autograph binder. My big hit was this beauty...

Hard to scan a slabbed card, but you can easily make out what it is. A fantastic addition to the HOF autograph binder. I never thought I could have an autograph of this man in my possession, and here it is. Fun fact: did you know between 1949 and 1964 (16 years), only two teams not named the Yankees won the AL pennant? Both of those teams were coached by Al Lopez ('54 Indians and '59 White Sox).

Wes, thanks for the memories and thanks for the largesse of your heart. Don't be a stranger.


  1. More great stuff from Wes! I love the Run Producers and Pinnacle inserts of Thomas, the relics, and the Ventura Co-Signers (even if he did deserve the noogie-ing he got from Nolan Ryan). Also, Rogowski was born in my hometown of Livonia, Michigan!

  2. That makes two Al Lopez autographs that have been shown on the blogs in the last week... good week on the blogs!

  3. Lots of good stuff there, but I can't take my eyes off that Hoyt!

  4. Robin Ventura Co-Signers? Al Lopez cut signature? Wow... Wes hooked it up... AGAIN. Love seeing all of these farewell care package posts. This might seem weird... but seeing him comment on blogs here and there has brought a smile to my face, because it's good to know that he's still around thinking about cards.

  5. I read the fine print. Wes has been quite generous to me as well but never a bombing. He was a perfect gentleman. I couldn't keep up with him anyway. It just wasn't feasible for me to do so. His generosity here will never be forgotten and likely never out done! Wonderful lot of cards, JJ!

  6. A bit late, but an excellent haul from The Legend.

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