Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cards from Orland, OH

Hey - the titles to the posts can't all be winners, folks.

Nice try.
So if you read Dimebox Nick's blog, and if you don't maybe you need to visit a doctor, a recent post shared his card show spoils. I remember an earlier post about a couple card shows coming up he was attending, and I was hoping one was the Orland show, as I had carved out a little time to pay that show a visit on the same day. Sure enough, I guessed correctly and got to do some digging with Nick and his father. If you haven't, enjoy his spoils. I commented I would have my own recap of the show, and here it is.

Now, Nick had a hell of a haul mainly because he had a hell of a pull that paid for the card show. I had some bonus money that I could spend on myself, so while I didn't purchase anywhere near the amazing cardboard he did (if Nick turned his head I would have stolen a few of his cards), I still got some great paper rectangles.

I'm still working on the 2018 White Sox team set, as well as needing to get 2019 going. Technically, I still need some from 2017, but I got about a dozen for 2018 (leaving me 3 short) and all but 2 cards from 2019. Though, I REALLY need that Kopech SP. That sucker is goooooooooooooorgeous! I also picked up 75-80% of the Sox Heritage team set.

Really, I am working a lot of 2018 sets - it was a bad card year for me. And bad blog year. And bad work year. I'm digressing.... Picked up about 40 cards towards the '18 Stadium Club. Here's a few. Love those Indian throwbacks. Cleveland needs to wear them more often. One thing I noticed from the group I bought: the horizontal cards are much better images than the vertical. I hope Topps fixes that come 2019.

Nick talked about one vendors 50 cent and two dollar box. This particular vendor is there each show, and let me tell you - his cards are AMAZING! He has a box of 60's commons at a buck a card. You may think that's a bit high, until you look and the cards appear to have been pulled from packs a week ago. They are that good. And he's always willing to work out a deal. These above are a combo of 50 cents and 2 dollar cards. Peters and DeBusschere go into the Sox binder while Ruiz is an obvious bunt card. I pulled 20 cards from the 50 cent box and a dozen or so from the $2 box. I had to put back a good 20 cards cuz I just ran out of cash.

Here's some '64s for the build. All total, I knocked 14 cards off the 64 set, getting me to 77% completion. These, and the others I purchased, fit right into the quality I am satisfied with. I actually knocked 3 cards from series 7, and those cost me just two quarters each. But the highlights of my purchases come next.

Two bucks each. Some pen marks on the 64 Pizzaro stand up, but who's passing on that for $2? And one of the first really big cards for the set in the Robinson. $5-10 for that online, or more, so I am content with that one for $2. I needed the Fox/Kuenn for the Sox team set. And that ends the $2 box purchases I will show. But I have two more cards left.

Nick and I went back to do a little more digging at the table. It was this trip he scored the Bowman Kaline, McCovery rookie and the 66 Clemente (I found that) among others. And in that dig I picked up my two big purchases at $5 each.

We all know how hard it is to find Bowman color at a good price. I have needed this Lollar for his PC for quite some time. Regularly over $10 online, so I jumped at a really great copy with a creased corner. The creased '50 Bowman Luke Appling is the first of his playing days cards I have. Appling is a future PC, so finding this for a fin was a deal considering its condition. Easily twice that online.

Good show with a good time with good friends. We were all a little light in our wallets, but that happens in Orland. Oh.


  1. Some great cards in there. I like the Fox/Kuehn card...I imaging they are comparing tobacco spit stains in the pockets of their mitts. I forgot about you and the '64 set. I need to see what I have.

    Oh, and I refuse to click a Disney Parade clip. I don't want to risk having It's A Small World banging around in my head for a week.

  2. I am forever indebted to you for calling that '66 Clemente to my attention, good sir. Didn't even see that Stand-Up Pizarro in my initial $2 box dig, very cool! Had a fantastic time plumbing the vintage depths at Orland -- let's do it again soon!

  3. Some great vintage pieces here.

  4. The Orland show is my favorite in the state. I've only been three times in the last decade, but there's always a fair amount of cheap vintage and dime boxes to keep me busy.

  5. Looks like you did pretty well for yourself! I like those Stand-Up's, but I've still never even seen one in person before. And I love that '64 Marichal, the Bowman Lollar ain't nothing to sneeze at either :)

  6. i've been picking up Bowman color at every chance and would've picked it right out of your pile. looks like a great show! it always so cool to bloggers meet and hang out at card shows.