Monday, October 19, 2020

Recent pickups

 Look - if I don't get something posted soon, I will never do it. I spent the past two days organizing my desk, and sorting out more mailings I need to get out, so I've been productive. Not saying I Marie Kondo'd my room (is she even still a thing?), but everything is slowly moving from stacks to boxes/binders. 

Just don't come to my part of town.

While I haven't been posting, I haven't stopped trying to find decent deals on ebay. While this is by no mean a comprehensive list of purchases over the past year, here's some of my favorites to share.

Newest player collection for me is Danny Mendick, so here's a start for his PC. The most expensive card of the group was the auto, which set me back $6. Otherwise, most of what you see was a couple bucks. Might go for the rainbow on his 2020 Topps - not sure yet.

All these are additions to Project 2005. It leaves me 7 autographs short of the players/coaches from the Sox 2005 World Series team. I am very pleased I found that AJ in a White Sox uniform with a decent autograph. Most of his TTMs tend to be scribbles. 

These for are SPs from the 2013 Heritage set. A dollar each. I wish the seller had more I need.

Sticking with the Heritage style, here's the original. Like many, I scored a $25 "gift card" from ebay, so I used it to pick up these five cards. The leaders cards are all in the first 10 while the Brewer is a high number - 5th card from the end of the set. I had to fork out $4 and change for these five. 

Just a Lou Fonseca autograph for $2. 

More autographs, this time from the ice. I've been looking for a Pilote autograph for a while, and I grabbed these 5 for under $4 each, including that 4x6 of Guy LaFleur. Cuz everyone should have a Guy LaFleur autograph. 

Last we have random collections. Paulie is a black border, Happ goes into the 10/19 binder, the Star Stamps are for the Golden Age build and the Robert I needed for the team set. I picked up two in an auction for $32 total, which is crazy, but at least it's off my list. 


  1. That 2005 Project is awesome! Best of luck on tracking down the final 7. I took a look at your list, but didn't recognize any of those guys.

    P.S. Love the Golden Age stamps. Thought about building that set, but never got around to pursuing it. Maybe one day.

  2. I'm so used to seeing Don Cooper as a grizzly old pitching coach that it's kinda jarring to see him as a young(er) guy on that minor league card.

  3. nice batch of autos, esp those Hawks - and lovely vintage! I miss Golden Age and really wish Panini would give us another go at it.

  4. Solid additions! Good deal on the Robert's as well

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