Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday SIL: Do you get it?

Today's SIL is prompted by something I received just yesterday in the mail. I finally took the leap, prompted by a potential price increase, and "joined" a site I have been following for about 3 years now. It is one of maybe three bookmarks I will visit on a daily basis, and for you that are reading, you should add it to your daily reads as well. First off, on to what it is...

I now officially "get it", though I have gotten it long before I found the site. For those who are out of the know, this card makes me a member of UniWatch, the only site on the web that talks about the look of sports uniforms. UW covers all the sports and them some. Paul Lucas, who runs the site and is an ESPN journalist, will blog about anything and everything, whether the look of the new Seahawks jerseys (sh*t in my opinion), to the history of the MLB logo and anything in between. What's really great about UW is that a fair amount of it is reader driven. From finds posted in the comments that my hit the ticker to a random comment that drives the post of that day, it's a fun community of folks that enjoy the look of the game as much as the game itself.

And to "get it"? I think, and Paul would agree, that part of getting it has to do with these two pictures:

Who looks like a ballplayer, and who looks like a slob? Outman gets it. Strasburg gets it. Pierre gets it. Fielder, Sabathia and most of the rest don't. If you have never visited UniWatch, head over and join the fun and the appreciation of what sports looks like, from the angle of fashion.

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