Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let's talk Ginter (again).

I gave you the warning in the post subject, so don't go and blame me if you are reading this and thinking "holy crap - are we going to drone on and on about Allen and Ginter in ANOTHER blog post on some other blog?". Right there is the subject line, pal. You ain't getting some post about Panini basketball or 1964 Topps. Be glad I didn't title this "Check out the deal on the '52 Mantle I scored", only to jam a Ginter post down your throat. You're welcome.

That all being said, I thought I would just throw together a post high lighting the "hits" I have received in this year's A&G offering. If you scan back on that last sentence, you notice the word hits is contained within quotes. Some writers will display words in this fashion with ironic, even sarcastic, tones about them. And that is exactly my intention. Now, I have not purchased a hobby box of A&G, so all my pulls have come from blasters, rack packs and the like. How about I just show you the scan and we'll talk more after the picture....

-5 manna for poor alignment

So, what's not to like? First we have Jayson Werth. Granted, he was injured most of the year, but not a great start up there. Then we have David Ortiz. The swatch is ugly, and I think I have plenty relics for this guy already. Especially when one is one too many. Chris Young. Who? Miguel Cabrera. He's a Tiger, which means I don't like him by nature of his uniform. Sorry, but you suck. Last is David Wright. At least this swatch has some personality to it. It appears to be the white under a patch, as there are stitch holes and some greenish stain in the middle. Again, it's David Wright. Zzzzzzzz....

All are available for trade, and you would be surprised what offers I would accept for any of these.


  1. Can you set the Wright aside for me?

  2. I'd like the Chris Young. Will you check out my White Sox trade bait page and see if there is anything that you'd be interested in trading for it? Thanks!