Saturday, February 22, 2014

Final Tis the Season post, and some updates

I can say that ALL the packages from the holidays have shipped. The last 16 or so left today. So, if you signed up for something, you should see a small box or envelope next week. For a recap, it was expensive fun. The highest cost of any one shipment was $27. You know who you are, Canadian hoser. All total, I think shipping ran me about $200. Yeah - ouch. But again, I hope you all like what you receive and find a lot of cards you need.

Club PWE update: since Tis the Season is over, Club PWE is starting up again. I have envelopes going out to those that recently signed up but yet to receive a PWE from me. Except for 3 of you. One of you were in the last shipment of TTS, so I will hold off a month. Another of you is a trade I still need to complete - look for stuff very soon. But the third of you signed up, then never told me your favorite teams. So reader, if you initials are JR with a zip of 40475, sign up again and let me know who you like. Thanks!

Lastly, pack wars tonight at my LCS. So spoils (with luck) tomorrow. Peace out.

Trust me on this video, BTW. It's worth the click.


  1. Nice compilation video... Let the bodies hit the floor!

    I wish my LCS did cool things like Pack Wars. Good luck!

  2. I got an envelope yesterday full of Tis the Season awesomeness! Thank you so much!

  3. Got some cards from you as well. Thanks!