Monday, April 7, 2014

Other things come in the mail

I am blessed to get a lot of mail at my house. Sure, some of it are bills, and I really don't want that stuff in the box. Sometimes you get sale papers and coupons. No, I do not need new windows, tanning sessions, limo service or my air ducts cleaned. Many times I get cards are gifts from you fine readers. That's awesome. Other times the cards I get cards that are not gifts but purchases either from Listia or Ebay. And my newest reason for envelopes - TTM requests.

Buehrle was a cheap Listia pickup. I wanted the Crede the same seller had listed, but I sniped. Young is a virtual dime box from Ebay. Well - dime box plus a penny.

Here was a cheap two quarter pickup from Ebay. I slowly look for Aparicio cards. I should just make him an official project now because 1) he will be soon anyway and b) how can you talk about Nellie without talking about Luis? Speaking of Nellie....

Newest addition to the project. I have missed out on a bunch of inexpensive cards that would fit perfectly in my collection, like a 52 Bowman for under $5 and a 64 Topps for a buck fifty. Luckily, I scored this high number 61 Topps All Star card for just over $4 shipped. Small condition issues, but considering I routinely see these at 5-10 times that price, I lucked out.

I have just started sending out TTM requests. First mailing was 6 to people at Spring Training (and one not), and received back my first two TTM requests ever.

No shock this would be the first one I ever had success with. I had included his 2013 Topps card in the envelope - a TTM would make for a nice rainbow addition. Unfortunately, Gordon just signed the one card. No biggie, because I got lots of stamps.

I've read of great success with Juan Pierre. Even though he wasn't invited to Spring Training with the Marlins, I sent the request through the team at their home stadium. Juan was gracious to sign all the cards and return them pretty quick. Man, I do love that Ginter signed. I think each and every A&G card I pull from a repack are getting mailed for an autograph. And for those that are not sure, here's Juan's Bible verse.

Lots of chances for good mail that doesn't rely on the kindness of bloggers. Keep your eyes open.


  1. Very first concert I ever attended featured The Box Tops at the old Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston in late 1967 or early 1968. It was one of those A.M. radio station extravaganzas with the popular disk jockeys (KILT...the MUCH more music station!) intro-ing the acts and screaming girls all around. Good times indeed!

  2. Never tried a TTM request. Maybe I will someday.