Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday SIL: getting personal

Who here can honestly raise their hand an proclaim that they have mailed a personal letter to a person? With all the social media options, as well as email, the postal letter to a friend is dead. Now, a little letter in a birthday card or the annual Christmas update does not count. I am talking about just sitting down with a pad of paper, writing to someone and throwing a stamp on the envelope. It's been so long for me that I couldn't even guess the last time. Probably not even in this century.

That's why it's important, I feel, to throw a post it into each package I send out, whether it's just "I hope you need these" or "I pulled that such and such from a dime box. Awesome, huh?". It's not much, but a hand written note of some sort shows some personalization in the mailing. I can assure you there are no robots here at 2x3 Heroes.

Now that  I had to let Phyllis go.

I great package from Matt at Once A Cub really shows the power of the personal note. There was a large group that were in a team bag tagged with this note.

Sure enough, every card in the bag was not in my Zistle collections.

I forget the amount I added, but here's just a few of the double play cards in the bag. I love that Tejada in the bottom row.

And a large amount of bunting cards too. One would think I would have most of this junk wax, but nope.

Matt took the time to single out some cards with more personal Post-Its.

He would also had it without all the injuries he dealt with. But Griffey knew how to lay one down.

Sometimes the designs of the card companies turn in my favor. Matt has a fun collection of cards showing Wrigley's outfield weeds wall of ivy, and he's correct. That is the kudzu in Wrigley, but not bright enough to make Matt's binder.

It does have the back missing some characters, but this is one I would add anyway, considering the HUGE border on the bottom. How did we not see a pixel of the card below?

I know of the a couple cards of Fletcher in my binder, but never noticed how often he's shown relaying to first.

Broken bats are hard to find. And I am with you, Matt. Not quite sure if that piece of lumber is breaking or if it's just the blur of the camera lens. The heck with it - in the binder it goes.

The final note I'll show is the best of the bunch.

Good point. You are just the enabler of my collection. For the record, Cole and Cobb didn't make the cut. While Cole did bunt alot, he's obviously about to hustle to first on a walk. Cobb is just hamming for the photographer. My guess is there was no one around to spike with a slide. Phelps is iffy, but I put it in. Episonza is either about to square up, or trying to draw in the corners for a slap hit. 

Thanks for the cards, Matt. And thanks for the little messages along with them.


  1. Uh-oh, did I set a precedent for myself?! No problem, glad they all found a good home.

    Looks like you're out of stuff to post about from me, so there's more on the way. Thanks for keeping your "haves" up to date.