Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cards from a card

card (noun \ˈkärd\) a flat stiff usually small and rectangular piece of material (as paper, cardboard, or plastic) usually bearing information: as postcard, visiting card, business card, credit card, one bearing a picture (as of a baseball player) on one side and usually statistical data on the other, one on which computer information is stored (as in the form of punched holes or magnetic encoding), one bearing electronic circuit components for insertion into a larger electronic device (as a computer)

That is the definition we all tend to have with our collection. I'm not sure who of you know that the slang for card is an amusingly eccentric person. I'm not sure if Kerry from Cards on Cards fits that, but I know he is a Card in the sense of the team he roots for. And he does to send a lot of sweet cards via the postal service.

That's a lot of Heritage. Anything prior to 2011 is really lacking in the Sox box, so the stack of Heritage alone would have made this mailing worth it. I think there was a single card that I already hard. Otherwise, the 20+ cards were all needed.

These three cards, with one for the Iguchi collection, tell me one of three things, as I have seen Kerry dropping Bazooka across the blogsphere:

1) Kerry ripped a box
2) Kerry broke up a set
3) Kerry scored big time at a card show/LCS

Whichever it is, I benefited. I am not going to lose sleep trying to figure out which of the three are correct.

Two for the throwbacks. And Chris has a rare rough up today. Then again, it was against the Royals. Man, that team is just that frigging good. I was one of many that thought 2014 was a fluke. Maybe it was, but 2015 is pretty real in KC.

Lastly we have these three. A nice gray Turkey Red for the Aparicio binder. A framed Alexie from GQ and the final puzzle piece for the Hudson Triple Play. That got put together really fast. Check it out.

Looks pretty sweet as the first page in bunting binder #2. Thanks again to Weston, Tom and Kerry for helping me put this together. And and extra thanks in this post to Kerry. I gots a few things aside for you already.

I was thinking - along with liking the Cardinals, Kerry is a big Oregon fan. Considering the costumes the Ducks wear on the football field week after week, Kerry does fit the amusing eccentric tag a bit.



  1. I don't think I've ever seen better defense in a single series than the defense the Royals played against the Sox this weekend.

  2. That Hudson puzzle does indeed play fantastically as a binder lead-off page; I may have to borrow that idea.

  3. When I first started back into this collecting madness, that 2006 Bazooka set was a repack staple and it got me hooked for some weird reason. Occasionally I'll buy a lot of 10 packs or so from eBay. I'm still nowhere near finishing the set, let alone any of the parallels or inserts.