Friday, July 10, 2015

Sometimes I spend money on things other than postage

I do love getting cards in the mail. Especially from other bloggers and readers. And I love send out cards in the mail. So usually I am spending money at my local big box store, my LCS, or online with postage.

Once in a while, I get things online. So here's a quick glance at cards I received that did not come from the kindness of you folks.

Before Topps got all weird with their colored parallels, Donruss did a bunch of stuff with colored foil and calling things "samples' or "proofs". Gimmick all the way, but something I need for the collection. Luckily, it was less than a quarter shipped.

Two for the double play binder. The Perez is iffy at a turn at two, but it was six cents shipped. And it's my collection anyway, so in it goes. Morris was a pickup off Listia for 500 credits or so. I snagged a few Impact cards for different binders. I'll need to give that whole set a closer look.

Impact - right? Man, I do like the images on their cards. Clark was also Listia. Belle, on the other hand, was a card that sat in my COMC shopping cart a good 6 months. I was waiting for a day with sales and free shipping to make a purchase. That day came a couple weeks back, so now it's home. But that wasn't all I picked up from COMC.

Here are three sets I completed. I needed about a dozen from Minds That Made the Future, 15 of the Endangered Animals, and that damn Heyward rookie card. But I was able to delete all three sets from my A&G want page. Now just a bunch of minis to go, before 2015 drops.

I still have short prints for 2012 & 2013 Cooperstown, plus some inserts, but the Doerr and a Cobb completed the 2013 base set. Markov completed 2014-15 UD hockey series 1 and the ANH series from Topps Illustrated is off the list as well. I was a set-completing bad ass on COMC. But the highlight of my purchase was these two cards.

Yeah - SUCK IT ARPSMITH! In all honesty, the card on the left was the only one I really wanted. But since I didn't have any copies of the card, I thought I should buy a second. I think it's pretty obvious why I bought the one on the left. There is no WAY in the world that is Ben's auto. My guess is his wife signed that one. I have see enough of his signature to know the one on the right is valid. I am surprised Best got the cards back and didn't notice this forgery. I wonder how many more like this are out there. I think it makes a hell of an oddball addition, though. Been looking at that card for a good 3 years now. And no one else bought it. It gets a center spot on the page in the Petrick binder.


  1. I think I have an extra full set of Impact...

  2. I would love to know the story behind that Petrick auto.

  3. My former boss is the sister of a current NFL Tight End. I know for a fact she helps him sign cards. :/ I don't believe it's realistic in today's hobby for a company to ask any player to sign his name thousands of times and expect them to all be authentic.