Friday, October 30, 2015


Something's going on.

I don't quite know what it is yet, but something is going on.

Are you all up to some nefarious antics? Did each and every one of you meet up through a secret Google hangout, or via Skype to discuss your plans? Coordinate the actions? And then get a branch of the US government involved?

Never use a bookmark - it causes infertility.
Whatever it is, I can tell you I am on to you all. You will NOT get away with this. Let me pause my video of the Zapruder film. Before I explain, let me get a couple smaller mailings out of the way. But wait - even as I think about these, I have a feeling they might be a part of this as well.

First off - a plain white envelope from Brian at Golden Rainbow Cards. Why so plain, Brian? Trying to sneak it in. And look - it's only two cards. But two cards that I needed for my 2015 White Sox team set. HOW DID YOU KNOW I NEEDED THEM?!?!? Are there cameras posted in my room? Did you search my Sox box and see what I was missing? I'm watching you, Brian.

Next comes a larger, but still plain white package, from Adam. Adam doesn't blog - he's just a reader. Whatcha hiding, "Adam" - if that is really even your name! Look at these cards of people bunting. I have made it pretty clear I am a ChiSox fan. Not one Sox player in the group. And yet, they are all posed the same way. Is this some secret signal, informing the Illuminati of the date AND time to strike. Adam?

Adam did include White Sox of Frank Thomas. And ONLY Frank Thomas - the leader of your band, I'm guessing. But all the cards of Thomas are oddball releases. Look at these. Not a brand name to be seen. Probably produced by the KGB to flood the market and disrupt the financial system so a new single world monetary can be formed in its place.

Just what is going on here??? And what does "Power Surge" mean? Look at the back of that card.

How - from the chemtrails left by commercial airlines? You made the list, Adam.

Looking over those two packages, I can see how they fit with the other four that first alerted me to something happening. Some sinister goings on the card collectors have against me. Here - here is the image that first raised my suspicions...

Four packages received over 4 days - each larger than the previous. Mailings from Rob at Texas Rangers Cards, Jim at GCRL, Brian at HSCA and Adam from Infield Fly Rule. YOU ARE ALL IN CAHOOTS! What's left - a bombing from Wes at JayBarkerFan?

(note to Wes - please no.)

We shall explore these packages in the coming week or so. And by "we", I mean myself, Elvis, Tupac, Amelia Erhart and Jim Morrison.