Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lone Star cards

So let's dive into one of the packages I received recently. Rob runs the great blog Texas Rangers cards. I love reading his short bu informative posts about cards in his collection. It doesn't matter if none are about my team - it's great to just learn about those players that never became the household name, but still had an impact on the game. This is the 2nd package I have received from Rob out of the blue.

I love out of the blue packages.

Hey wait...... Rangers......blue. ILLUMINATI!!!! Reign it in, Jeff. You'll be ok. Just show off some of the awesome cards Rob sent.

Rob hit on a lot of years for the Sox box. 

You got your current year releases. Double LaRoche there. I do hope he bounces back and isn't the second coming of Adam Dunn on the south side. The Garcia is a dupe for the team set, but holy cow that is one gorgeous card. Made it into another binder I will be talking about in the near future.

Plenty of junk wax too, and I love me some junk wax because those are lean years (except for a couple) in the Sox box. Nice rookie-ish card of Magglio and a Frank is those sweet Sunday throwbacks from the mid 90's. They need to bring those back for an annual date. Major star power with Gwynn on the Top of the Charts card. I miss Bo. Here is my Bo story, in regard to baseball:

1993. Went to a Sox game early in the year, but it got rained out, so I had to redeem the vouchers for a game. The date I happened to select - Sept 27th. The Sox were battling for the division that year and the magic number was 1 when that day came by. Seats in the upper deck, first base line. Sixth inning, Bo comes up and hits a towering fly ball. It's a mile in the air and it carries........and carries.....and carries......j-u-s-t over the left field wall to put the Sox in the lead to clinch the division that game. So glad the earlier game was rained out.

How about some vintage-ish cards too? Rob dropped a dang near complete team set for the 2008 & 2012 Heritage releases. I just needed a couple of the 2012, but almost all of the 2008. And the few A&G within also found spots in the Sox box.

My two favs from the package. Another shot of those gorgeous Sunday throwbacks to the 1917 World Series uniforms. And I will take each any every Buehrle out there. I do hope Mark comes back to Comiskey as a White Sox, if only for a one day contract to retire.

Rob - thanks for the cardboard. I'm working on a return package... just cuz.


  1. Bo was a beast. It's nice to see his cards show up on the blogosphere.

  2. That's awesome I've been to playoff games but never a clinching game. Here's to both of us watching one next year.