Friday, November 20, 2015

Inexpensive ink.

I've been meaning to post today, and then life made it tough. Mother Nature isn't helping much too as the midwest is currently in standard "freak out" mode concerning an incoming snow storm.

Hang onto your butter, bitches.
But let me get something up that I received a few days back. I sold a nice card on Ebay (more on that in a future post) and I always like to see what cards I "flip" another card into. Here's $3.48 cents worth of autographs.

Manchild on the left. I am shocked this auto was so cheap, with a buy it now of $2.19. Granted, I was sad (saad?) to see him go, but he was going to get big money. Too bad he won't ever touch the Cup again in Columbus, but that was his choice. Stalberg was a pickup from the same seller. $0 shipping charges for additional purchases, so I'll add another Hawk with his name on the Cup for a buck 29.

Two Stanley Cup winners autographs for less than Big Mac meal. And far healthier.

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  1. Two nice ones that both look to be on card. I was also sad to see Saad go but we seem to have some good youngsters. Strange feeling first period tonight against the Flames. Lucky to be 1-1. Go Hawks.