Friday, July 15, 2016

Gimme a break

Anyone remember that NBC show with Nell Carter? I can say I watched a grand total of none of it. I don't recall what ran opposite of it, but I am sure if I was watching any television on that day and time, we were probably tuned to ABC. Not a lot of love in my house for the National Broadcasting Corporation.

I got my eyes on you.
Now box breaks? I can get into that. Luckily, Chris over at Nacho Grande loves ripping boxes and sharing the wealth at a killer price. I didn't get anything super crazy awesome, but I was happy with what I received.

One picked team. One random team. As you see, my random was the Rockies. I actually did far better with my random team than my ChiSox, but still scored some nice cards, like the 2016 Diamond Kings and some Topps Finest.

These were the highlights of the break for me. Decent numbered Arenado and the even lower numbered green Frazier. Plus that sweet black bordered Donruss throwback. I think the black borders really make that design pop. Chris - thanks as always and I look forward to the next group break.

And while these other two aren't cards, you should really head over to Gavin's blog, Baseball Card Breakdown, if only to enter his 800th post contest. You could SOMETHING! I sent Gavin a small mailer and he returned the favor, so I am a winner already.

I really need to finish three 2015 sets: Stadium Club, Allen and Ginter and Update. Gavin helped me out with a few SC. I have been buying packs of this year's release, but I am not going crazy trying to complete it. Forget the whole '97 Fleer look about it. I think the photos are a bit of a step down this year. There are some gems - that's for sure. But too many are players batting and players pitching. I can get that in flagship. Sorry....let me get off this soap box.

Love me some old school ChiSox. And some old school double play. But I really like the old school Hostess cards that Gavin made, and he graced me with the sweet Sale he created. I may have to take a pair of rounded scissors to it and really make it look good. Perhaps a Twinkie frosting stain or two. Thanks Gavin.


  1. That Chris Sale is AMAZING, nice work Gavin

  2. Oh man... love any post that sends me back to my childhood. I've got to find a copy of Breakin'. My buddies and I watched that movie over and over when it came to the dollar theaters in our neighborhood. As for ABC vs. NBC... my family was all over NBC. The whole Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, and Night Court era ruled.

  3. you went with a tv show, my mind went directly to kit kat bars.