Sunday, July 3, 2016

Second to none

I've been on the planet 51 plus years, and only for about 11 months have I not called Chicago my home. My future wife (at the time) got a job offer in Florida, so I tagged along with her. But we were both home sick and we came back when the school year was done for her. But the rest of the time, I have always lived within 30 miles or so of the city. From Hometown to Alsip. Oak Lawn to Oak Forest. Chicago Ridge, Hickory Hills and Plainfield... this is where I live. And where I would prefer to die. Though, the wife wants to move to Denver for retirement. I told her I have some rules to accept that, like NHL and MLB cable packages and other requirements.

I still think I'll dig my feet in the sand and not move.

ComminshBob over at Five Tool Collector recently made a trip to Chicago. His daughter was graduating from the University of Chicago (fun fact: my dad graduated from there too) (fun fact #2: the road in the middle of the university is Midway Plaisance, where many of the exhibits from the 1893 Columbian Exhibition), so he and his wife made a road trip of it, stopping along the way at a few places, and taking in a Sox game over the weekend.

Bob and I send cards back and forth, having the shared Pierce collection, with his being 100 times greater than mine (fun fact #3. Billy and his wife spent his final days in Lemont, about 20 miles up the road from me now). His recent mailer was a heck of an amazing bit of cardboard.

SOOOOOOOO much vintage! I think there was about a dozen total, and I needed all but 4 of them. And the 4 I don't need are for players that I find are pretty good TTM signers, so I hope to get them in the mail soon for some ink. Nice view of old Yankee Stadium behind Luis and I'm not sure where Maxwell is. I'm thinking Cleveland. Feel free to correct me.

More Renata Galasso with the Luis in the middle. I'm not sure of the outside cards, but I am leaning at TCMA as well.

I love Exhibit cards. I have seen them in person a grand total of two times in my life - once in a Denver card shop and once at the Kane County flea market. Otherwise, I only ever see them on ebay. So getting some in the mail is amazing. Love how Walsh is referred to as a "famous spit ball pitcher".

Bob's mailer came with a couple pieces of card board to keep the Exhibit card from getting bent. Fortunately, he mentioned to look between the sheets, cuz I would have just tossed it without a second glance.

We have both been on the hunt for these, when I first found out they existed about a year ago. Hard to find, though, and certainly hard to find in mint condition like this. The auction I pointed him to was the only auction I have ever seen. Probably good that I didn't see this auction for two bills, or I would have bid up against him and one of us would have overpaid to send the extra to the other. To my knowledge, these still exist. There are also $1 and $2 bills out there. I think Fox is on one of them.

Bob, I hope you enjoyed the city. I am sure you didn't see enough of it, but hopefully you didn't see the wrong places.


  1. Great looking vintage and that Comiskey Cash is awesome!

  2. Love the Galasso cards. Those are really cool oddball cards.