Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Looking back, then looking forward

Yeah - it's been almost two weeks since I have been here. Sorry. Or you're welcome, depending on your feelings towards me.

Bite me.
This end of the year season has been beyond crazy for me. I am hoping it slows down a bit. On the plus side, I don't have many mailings to show off. Hey - I'm cool about that, but at the same time I apologize to those that have mailed me cards and I have not thanked you properly. I suck. But those that are glad I was gone for a while already know that.

Bite me.
Before I get back into the swing of things (I hope), let's look back on my grand 2016 plans. A lot of we bloggers seem to do it. It's nice to have plans for the coming year, but how well did we succeed in our 2016 thoughts. Well, I posted my 2016 direction here - let's break it down.

1 - Organization. I planned on constructing a long, low shelf for holding binders, as well as a temp storage and sorting table. Yeah - I haven't even bought the wood for the thing. I did bring up an unused bookshelf from the basement to help with storing binders. I also wanted to get my Sox Box into Zistle. With the Beckett bullsh*t and Zistle, I am a bit glad I never did this, though I am still torn of what to do in regard to an online organization. But all in all, big ol' D on this one.

2 - Sets. I didn't build 2016 flagship cuz it SUCKED! I am working to complete GQ and A&G. Did a pass on Heritage. So I did okay in regard to 2016 sets. I had planned on hitting hard on my 1964 build, but I didn't secure any of the big cards. Just no money to pick them up. How about a C- on this one?

3 - Player Projects. Petrick is at 93 cards. I added a few, but still short. I did add some to Fox and Aparicio. Plus I started a couple player collections, but moved well on them. I'm hard on myself, but let's score this B.

4 - Cost. F. Moving on.

5 - Blog. I think I am at a little over 100 posts here this year. 2016 was not only rough at the end, but most of the year for me. I have no idea how 2017 will be personally - wait and see. I still have yet to resurrect the 1964 blog. I need to get on that. Low C, high D.

6 - Collection. I think I had fun with it this year. I like my cards and enjoy appreciating them. I can appreciate them more, though. B-.

The frankenset build has stalled. I added some cards, but no big purchases. Well, I did have one purchase of 21 cards that was delivered to the wrong address and the a-hole that received them never sent them to the right address. I hope the envelope had Anthrax.

Overall, I think I score myself a C-. I could do better. So what does 2017 look like?

A - 1964 set. I need to push this forward. I'm being lazy and unfocused.
B - Other sets. GQ and A&G for sure. ZERO flagship, or should I call it flagshit, except for the Sox team set. Doubt I'll work on anything else baseball wise. UD hockey will be a build as well.
C - Player Projects. I think they are fine. Would like to knock out the Fox project in 2017. His '51 Bowman rookie is the big buy, as is the Red Heart. I can also knock out my Lollar project with a couple purchases I just need to make.
D - Blog. Stay on it and stay focused. Maybe I could actually post an average of every other day?
E - Organization. I have other house projects to work on, but I would really like to build that long bookcase. With the right vacation time and sale at the building supply store.....
F - Cost. Hey Jeff - did you know if you built the right purchase at Sportlots or Just Commons, it would be like a repack box mailed to your house with EVERY card an addition to your collection? No - well remember that, you lack of focus dumbass.

I guess when it comes down to it - focus.

(too busy to find the actual card to scan)


  1. "2 - Sets. I didn't build 2016 flagship cuz it SUCKED!" Preach on.
    Good to see you're still around.

  2. Best of luck on your projects... especially the 1964 set. Can't even imagine trying to build something from the 60's. I'll have to live vicariously through guys like you.

  3. 2017 flagship still looking ugly but someone - possibly the devil? - made me purchase two jumbo boxes. by now we are craving new cards and topps takes complete advantage of this. good luck with the goals! missed you! Where have I been????