Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's in your wallet?

It's been far too long since I have carried a card in my wallet. I did when Gavin first proposed it. It was fun snapping random images here and there and using Twitter for the posts. Then life got in the way and the card came out of my wallet late in 2015 never to reappear. I never selected a replacement card for 2016 wallet card fun.

Cux you suck.
 But I am going to do my best getting back into the #walletcard fun in 2017. But before I reveal the lucky card (from my White Sox dupe box), lets see how I made space for it to reside upon my buttocks by showing recent ebay purchases that made money leave my wallet.

Unfortunately, to top half of this Fleer sticker is missing. This comes from the cloth patches Fleer released from 1969-1976. According to Fleer Sticker Project, this is one of two variations that were released in 1971 when the Sox went from blue to red uniforms. For two quarters, with the same for shipping, I couldn't pass it up.

Busted Hawks prospects? We got plenty of them for six cents each. Hankinson had all of 18 games in the NHL with the Hawks and Ducks. Larocque played just 3 games in net for the Hawks. Von Arx had 19 games for the Hawks, but was a decent star in his native Switzerland, securing 6 championships and 3 MVP titles. He also played for his homeland in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Cheapo buybacks. I'm working on the frankenset, but have dropped well behind Shoebox Legends in my build, mainly because I won't pay more than a quarter per card. So 7 for $3 with shipping is slightly over, but I'll take it. I believe I am at about 150 cards into the set build.

Patterson is a Cyberstats bunt that set me back a dime. The Saladino.....I'm torn. Should I put it in the throwbacks binder, or the Eaton PC since there is a cameo? I guess I am forced to find a 2nd. I snagged this for $6 if I recall.

Penny autograph with a dollar shipping? Yes please. Oh, Joe. We had such hopes for you on the south side.

And let's hit the drum roll for the new resident in my wallet......

You can blame Random for this. It told me to select the 4th card in the box, and Mike Caruso is the winner. A nice photo from Pacific, for sure. It won't be as rough on the eyes as the 91 Fleer of Ventura I had in '15. Enjoy my back pocket, Mikey.


  1. Love the buybacks! Might have a few more to send you soon here...

  2. That Caruso is as primitive as can be.
    But still a solid pick. Best of luck to you both in the new year. Hope to see you post some pix of him out and about!

  3. Damn... Chrissie sounds just like I remember her from my childhood. Maybe better.

  4. Great choice. I have been trying to figure out if I want to do wallet card this year