Sunday, April 8, 2018

Clearing the pile

I while back, I mentioned how I have a stack of incoming packages at the edge of my desk that needs attention. Less because of the sorting and far more because I need to say thanks. Failure to post and give props to those that took the time to send me awesome rectangles sure gives the impressions I am an ungrateful bastard.

100% more baseball cards. 100% less Nazis.
Let's have at it. Starting with an oldie but a goodie. Many, MANY moons ago Dennis at Too Many Verlanders had a giveaway of stuff he just didn't want. I jumped at a single item, but Dennis being Dennis (ie too cool) included a couple packs of UD Heroes. Highlights?

But the one item I asked for was an old Starting Lineup figure.

That little beauty sits on a brick from Old Comiskey in my room. Pepper passed away a few years back, so TTMing that card is unfortunately not an option, but she has autos on eBay if I so desired.

Peter from Baseball Every Night dropped a PWE on me a couple months (or more) back.

Remember when Bowman came back with the oversized cards? Yeah - that was a mistake. Peter also dropped some current year cards on me. I was toying with a Moncada PC, but 5 seconds later I came to my senses and decided against it. Thanks Peter.

Trevor from Bump and Run selected a stack in the TTS giveaway (it is boxed up with 3 others and should go out this week). But in the kindness of Trevor, he sent over cards feeling like he needed to return the favor. They were NOT needed, but certainly not refused, either.

90's inserts - amirite?

Some binder and set needs. I will complete that 2008 UD set someday. Not a lot of those in dime boxes, unfortunately. Always nice to see the Padres brown uniforms on cards. Someday, San Diego...

And a few current Sox, and that sweet, strangely thick Rowand gray swatch for the PC. Thanks Trevor.

Last, but not least, is Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown. Curiously, his note in the package didn't comment about my manliness or other power I possess. Just a simple "here". So what does here include?

Atomic refractors and a blue Fulmer. Yes, I now collect Joey Bats. If you have dupes, I want them. I'll explain later.

I lot of shiny. I put all these together cuz I wanted to see how shitty the scan would look. Except for the refractors, I was not disappointed.

VINTAGE! That '63 was a card that was not on my list, which means I will have to shuffle a ton of cards in the vintage team set binders. I have built in extra card spaces in the pages, so hopefully it will not be a lot of "shift one to the right" moves.

A couple for the Crede binder, and a sweet (not sick) Petrick patch. This is the 4th relic of Ben's in my collection. And as beautiful as a relic is, the best you can get from a Gavin mailing is his customs.

Boom. The back of the Pierce makes it look like a picture frame you would hang on the wall or set on a mantle. And the Ozzie....well, that speaks for itself. Another fine custom from the episode Homer At the Bat. Thanks Gavin.

Again - a hearty gratitude to all you for the great cardboard. Just a few thousand stacks or less to go.


  1. no one ever said you were ungrateful. I can see one thing in common with Pepper. I look just about as good in a dress. However, her eyebrows are def thicker than mine.

  2. I hope to send you something as well down the road. Just need an addy :)

  3. Rookie card of one of the Knicks heroes of my youth--sweet!

  4. I really need to find a copy of that Pepper Davis SLU card!

  5. Great song. Great cards. Big fan of SLU cards. I'll have to check to see if I own the Davis. My 2nd favorite card in the post is that 1991 Fleer Dwight Smith. Great photo of Mr. Smith.

  6. The Pepper Davis figure and card are great! I enjoyed the Ozzie Simpson's card too. Great stuff.