Monday, April 30, 2018

Them's the bre.....wait, what's this?

As I was about to put together another amazingly witty and humorous post....

......Well, it's got a lot of laughs and smart thoughts....

....Which, by that, means that people could get a chuckle or two while reading, or gain insight into new.... is my first post in nine days.

Thanks for the support, Michelle. Anyway, as I was saying, I was going to write up one post, until I took a look in a folder and realized I had a tons of scans within that are a few months old, and I venture to say the actual mailer was from sometime in 2017. Let's do a little cleaning, and a lot of thanking, to the sender - Matt from Once A Cub. I am long overdue with a return package (where have we heard that before), and Matt really dropped a hell of a bomb on me with this mailer.

Image heavy post for you dial up users. Also, how about an A/S/L for you dial up users as well.

See that really, REALLY pathetic box on the left side of my baker's dozen commons? The one that has a crapload of empty space? These eight cards made all the white space. I'll need to get eight more into the list. It's not like I don't have filler for the wants. That Garcia at the top is the unique combo of a throwback and a bunt. Considering it was the longest on the list, I put it in both collections on Zistle (RIP). Who knows if a 2nd will come into my possession.

Double Plays. Vizcaino is from Spring Training I am sure. I think the Miller is too, though that could be old Shea in the background. Never been to the park.

Throwbacks as well. I still need to finish the Franchise Flashback set from 2015 Opening Day. I hope the Dodgers bring back the proper powder blues in the future.

Yummy, yummy bunting. If you look close, that Garvey is nowhere near a bunt. However, Matt dropped a note on that card stating "terrible bunting form". I agree. And humor gets it a pocket in the binder.

Sox box!!!! I'll take any Sale rookies out there. You have your standard Pacific scan, which means you cannot see anything on the card in the Magglio. Nice TRU purple (RIP)   ʞıupǝspod ʇʇoɔs :ɐ

These were new additions to their respective player collections. Crede pre high cuffs.

Matt also sent a ton of cards as possible inclusions to the Hidden Gems binder. So let's see who made the cut in each image I scanned.
Bolton: nice image of a ferris wheel in the back ground, but no
Alou: Interesting position, but didn't make the cut. But I may have to revist that decision
Altuve: Nah - bad cropping
Fernandex: ditto
Rodriguez: Also bad cropping, but almost was forgiven
Wolf: Currently no, but another I may revisit

Reddick: Nah. Better for a Stadium Club release.
Ramirez: Maybe for the bad shop job, but no.
Ladd: Currently no, but most likely the first of the revisits to make it. Great afro
Gibson: In. No brainer
Cole: Tempting, but passed. Composition is all off
Buhner: YES! Wait - no. Rules are it has to be on the front of the card. Damn rules....

Guiterrez: Perfect framing - it's makes the cut.
Brett: Are you even asking? How amazing is that photo????? No brainer - in.
Logan: TOTALLY IN!!!! I need to get that card TTM'd.
Cabrera: Currently on the fence. You would think it would be an easy in, but I wish it was not so zoomed in. More green would have made this card.
Blanco: This. This is what I mean about too zoomed in. Plenty of tan to encompass the subjects. It's in.

And a few last randoms words:

Score Gold Rush scans like total shit.

Bunting looks great, no matter how busy the design is.

Matt buried me in Panini Diamond Kings from the White Sox. I'll find a place for the dupes.

BOOM! Hits. The red GQ relics were numbered to 50 if I recall. Trey is currently in AA with the Birmingham Barons. Garcia is a sparkle variation. It's on the bat barrel under hit arm pit. And Buehrle is just an awesome relic of an awesome pitcher.

So a very belated thanks, Matt. You done my collection and my scanner well. No side eye from me.


  1. Hidden Gems... very nice. The George Brett card is certainly a gem.

  2. Great assortment there! I've had people tell me they don't like the '94 Brett, and I've always been tempted to ask what they heck they're smoking.

  3. Is there anybody out there actually on dial up anymore? I actually kind of miss the dialup sound, strange as it may seem. Got the nostalgia factor.

  4. You had me with Michelle. But I'm glad I checked out the entire post, because that Henry Blanco card is fantastic!

  5. definitely the Brett! I wasn't a fan of 94 back then. I was new to collecting and enter the hobby a complete card snob. if it wasn't full bleed, I didn't care. i was crazy! Not smoking but not right in the head!