Saturday, June 23, 2018

Be back tomorrow

Been almost a month since I have posted. Lot going on, but I will get a post up tomorrow with some updates on a lot of stuff and plans for the future. Missing the 2x3 headquarters - it's all dusty here. And is the Jimmy Hoffa in the corner behind that stack of '92 Upper Deck?

Ok - talk to you tomorrow. Until then, here's a card that even Prince would say "damn - get a real mustache".

Mustache in training....


  1. Looking forward to some updates. Hope you got my PWEM

  2. Great song. Much better than that 'stache.

  3. After listening to Smoltz whining during last night's game about how everything in baseball should be changed and fans who like it the way it is suck, I'm pleased to see him made fun of. B^)