Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Ye of little quantities

Getting cards out of the blue, for no reason, is a joy. Fat padded envelopes with stuffed team bags, or long white boxes crammed with cardboard. I have a couple of those boxes still to organize and scan, but I will never turn up my nose to a thin mailer or a PWE.

So let us honor those tiny quantity gifts that bring just the same huge smile to my face.

Got four cards a while back from my buddy Chris, who's blog, Old Foul Cardboard, is all but dead. Chris is alive and well, and so are these cards. Though a few BoSox fans wish Bucky Dent was dead. Had to scan with a white background to appreciate the acetate Magglio from UD EX.

The other two cards included a sweet '71 Reds team card that someone at Topps decided the equipment manager needed to be removed. Last is a manu-patch from Topps Rogue One release. It's a shame they just print the patches now instead of chain stitch, like Topps have done in the past. Thanks Chris.

It's a mini Hoyle-ing, from everyone's favorite random mailer Mark. I might have that Podzilla, but I love that card and think it would look great autographed. But Scott is horrible on returns, so naked it will probably remain. Nice oddball Big Hurt. Thanks Mark.

See, you don't need to send 400 cards to make me smile. Teeny-tiny makes me happy-happy.


  1. Your welcome , and thank you for my morning laugh with the 71 crop comment..