Saturday, August 25, 2018

Three PWE for me.

I started my vacation today. A week off. No plans at all besides doing some things around the house that need attention. Maybe the wife and I can get a night out. All depends on the pocket book. I've been trying to whittle down the stacks or cardboard on my desk. I'm hoping to get some mailers out this week cuz daaaaaaaaaaaamn - I need to mail some stuff. I'm better than this, I like to think. At the very least, I should strive to be better than this. It's important to have goals and stay on target.

Even if it's only two meters wide
Let me thank three people that sent small but amazing PWEs to me over the past few months. Starting with Matt over at Sport Card Collectors. Matt grabbed a stack from TTS (see comment about needing to mail stuff), and sent a small PWE my direction.

Lots of colored borders, from gold to purple to green and bi-color. I believe that is the first gold border from 2009. Was that foil comment about 56 years of collecting angled like that on all the cards, or did it just happen to be perfectly positioned under Bobby's plant foot? And a card of Quentin doing one of the three things he did: hitting a dinger. The other two were striking out and fighting with Greinke. Who hasn't wanted to punch Zack, though?

Next up is Dennis from Too Many Verlanders. One thing Dennis love to do is work on want lists. always sending me cards out of the blue that knock a few here and there. This mailer followed his standard MO.

I am still working on 2016 GQ base and inserts. SPs are a "get when the price is right" pickup. And another for the one and done Hometown Heroes set. Boxes of that stuff is SO cheap, with 3 hits in it. I really need to pick one up.

Lastly, CommishBob from Five Tool Collector. Not sure where he went for these, but sure glad he did.

Boom. Shacka. Lacka. Technically, box Fox's are in the player project, though that 1960 is a MAJOR upgrade to the current card in the binder. Both make the cut into the White Sox team sets for the respective year, knocking off a couple needs. And no, I am not building the '56 set. Mr. McMillan makes the double play binder with that sweet background image.

A big thanks to all three. I know I have stacks set aside for you all, somewhere on this desk. I need a search party.