Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Getting in under the gun

Ok. The whole plan was to get back to blogging a month ago. And the astute readers will notice that didn't happen. Not from a lack of trying, though a lack of desire definitely played a part.

So where have I been in the past......while. I don't even feel like doing the math to see when my posting really dropped to nothing. 7 months? Probably more. I've thought about how to address my time away, but in the end I determined the reasons don't matter much. It'd be a long chain of words that no one really wants to read. I'm not saying you whom have read to this point don't care, but my life is boring. Trust me - relating been going on in so unexciting a freshly painted bench want to go elsewhere.

Please sit on me.
I'll give you a one sentence rundown of where I was over this past time: no longer working from home, so 3+ hours of commute each day along with Uber driving burnout, daughter's wedding (401k loan thank goodness) and general malaise of life.

And we're done. Told you - boring. You were warned.

In all the free time I have mostly been playing video games because it's easy numbing of the brain after traffic to a shitty job and worse traffic home. Being creative was not on the agenda. But I wanted to get back because so much was received from so many and people we never given a proper due, and I have had ideas I should put in motion if only that I know I did said idea. Thankfully, mailings have stopped, and I cannot be more grateful that you all have lost my address. Reciprocation has recently started up again, and I owe many. Yes - OWE. Just deal with that word. Still a lot of mailing left, so if you were thinking of sending me something, please don't. Not at this time.

I don't want to drag on the start of this first post in forever, so I think that is all I want to say about my time away.....

Hey....remember me?
Oh yeah...... my future wife says hi. Anyhow, I have many cards I've received scanned and posts of them planned, but let's show a few recent pickups here. Nothing great or amazing, but stuff I like. All cards were ebay purchases sometime after my last real post.

Couple autographs of non White Sox, but technically, each one has a White Sox connection. Phil Humber won't be making the HOF ever, but he is one of 23 players to throw a perfect game. He fits into three binder pages where I plan to collects autographs of the perfect game pitchers. A few probably will never appear in there (Cy Young and Sandy Koufax come to mind), but who knows. Now Jamie Burke had a few cups of coffee in the bigs (191 total games in 8 years). He crossed the base paths for 64 total games on the South Side, with a single game in his last year with the Sox. That year, though, was 2005, which makes Mr. Burke a member of Project 2005. Best I can tell, this is the only certified autograph he has in the hobby, so he goes into the 9 pocket as a Mariner.

I am fairly certain these three player collection cards were a buck or less. Bowman had some crazy inserts in the early 2000's. Hard to tell from the scan, but the Petrick is the international edition of his card. 2009 Goodwin is the BEST year of Goodwin. Fight me.

Last is this relic card I snipped for under $10. First relic card of a Black Sox player, Lefty lost games 2, 5 and 8 (was a best of 9 back then), being one of only two pitchers in history to lose 3 games in a single World Series. I'd love to obtain cards from all 8 members of the Black Sox issued during their playing days. Maybe after I score that Cy Young autograph......

I've blabbed enough. Thanks for reading. I'll do my best to get a couple posts a week. At the very least Throwback Thursday should have continued, but I suck and failed to do that. With luck I will suck less in 2020.

Let's light this bottle rocket again!


  1. Why so serious, Aaron Rowand?

    Great to see that you’re back. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Sorry to learn about your daily commute. That's the worst.
    On the flip side, your future wife is still a hottie.

  3. Jeffo, good to know you're finishing out 2019 with the rest of us. Regrading the commute - I feel for you. I quit my crappy job with the 3 hour commute on February 1. The absolute best decision I made this year. I took a huge pay cut but also cut out most of the stress in my life at that time. I hope 2020 is good to you!

  4. Those long commutes are so draining. I did a commute through Seattle for a couple of years and adds up quickly.

  5. Nice to see you back on the interwebs. I like your perfect game collection idea sounds neat.

  6. Commuting over 3 hours a day to a job you don't enjoy doesn't sound like fun... but video games and attending your daughter's wedding are things to look forward to. Happy New Year!

  7. I didn't recognize who the pretty lady was (now that I've read thru I feel dumb that I didn't. Yikes, I'm out of the celeb loop) so just for a second there I was thinking 'daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn!!"

    Anyway, I'm happy to see you posting.

  8. Wow, you and Julie returning on the same day... I think that this is going to be a good year for the blogs :)

  9. Hooray! Always glad to see a post from you, my friend. Totally get the low creativity drive after work -- it's been a big part of my own blogging dip over the last couple years. Also holy cow is that Lefty Williams cool! I've never seen any kind of relics of his before.

  10. Whoa, way late, but welcome back! Looking forward to the future posts!