Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Let's get in on this 2019 BBA thing.

Two posts in a row - holy crap. Now if I get one up tomorrow.....

One of the latest Blog Bat Arounds comes from Matt at Diamond Jesters. It's a 9 pocket page of the 2019 season in baseball cards. I have seen a few, and Night Owl's post is what prompted me to join in. For N.O., card #1 of the project, on his page, was a horizontal card, and he didn't want a single east/west card messing up the aesthetic with 8 cards going north/south. So Greg flipped the page and did 9 horizontal cards. Looks good.

For me though, I am going to set some personal rules in my page. First, all portrait. That will be tough when you hear rule #2. All cards must be cards I own. They can only come from my trade box or cards on my desk. And since I recently got all my 2019 White Sox cards sorted and put away, I won't have that team to pick from (one ChiSox card almost made it - we'll talk). Matt's guidelines didn't have the "you must own it" rule, but I wanted to actually place the cards in a page and scan - no photo shopping allowed. I must have physically touched the cards.

We're going to need you to come with us, pervert.
Let's look at my 2019 yearbook:

1 - Flagship: Right off the bat, this is the spot where my self imposed rule 2 became an issue.  Hernandez going high for the turn at second is a very good card. but in my dupes for Opening Day, I had this card:

That is what his 2019 flagship card looks like, but the flagship version is not in my dupes box, so I had to pick a second choice for the page. Hopefully it will turn up at a card show, cuz that Garver belongs in my Hidden Gems binder.

2 - Allen & Ginter: It's a nun. On a baseball card. With a glove and ball. Who packs more heat than you ever have.

3 - Gypsy Queen: I will never be embarrassed to show my love of GQ. With Ginter and Gypsy, my life is pretty complete. How great is that card? Rare to see a submarine pitcher any more, and Topps did some great framing on this card.

4 - Stadium Club: Here is where a White Sox card almost made the cut.

Throwback? Gleeful joy? It's a great card. But Juan Soto looks perfect on his card. Shooting from below, getting all that gorgeous stadium in the background, the light standard powered up, Soto's look over his shoulder. Clear winner.

5 - Big League: Topps could just drop Opening Day and have Big League replace it. It's a fun set with a few cards here and there standing out. Baseball and bubble gum. Like peanut butter and jelly.

6 - Diamond Kings: The only non Topps on the page, it's really the only Panini product I can tolerate. Unless I find Panini in a dime box, my only Panini retail purchase is a bit of Diamond Kings. Topps last gave any cardboard love to Crawford in 2002. Even though the fog in the corners cuts down a bit on the image, it's pretty. All DK's legend players look great.

7 - Greatest Moments insert: As you can guess, not a lot of insert cards in a dupe box. But quickly came upon this card of Bo. I'm assuming Topps manipulated the photo slightly, either dulling the background or cleaning Bo to make him stand out. Mr. Jackson pops on this card.

8 - Ballpark Evolution insert: Along with my love of GQ, if you put a baseball stadium on a card, I will love it forever. I need to get all the stadium clubs organized from this year's flagship, and I need to secure this entire insert set. Let's hope dime boxes are kind to me - I have 39 more to go.

9 - Archives: Spot 9 was a tough one for me. I wanted an Archives card on the page, but the only ones I really loved broke the no horizontal rule. I thought Topps did a great job with many of the subjects in the 1993 section (Ruth, Gehrig, Irvin, Wagner), I went with Mr Cub for one specific reason. Dig the centennial patch on his right sleeve. A simple copy of the Jerry Dior logo on the sleeves of the players that year.

While my 2019 is technically not finished (I have want lists, ya know), this sort of puts a fork into the year. 32 days until 2020 releases. Another year's set I won't collect.


  1. Love the look of this page. I, too, wonder what exactly we're seeing on that SC Rodon, and somehow that Archives Ernie has flown completely under my radar till now.

  2. I'm not even sure this post was written by JediJeff. Ernie "Mr. Cub" Banks on this blog? Very suspicious.
    Part of me thinks you ran off with Kate Upton and left Justin Verlander to man the blog in your absence.

  3. Anytime Peter Gabriel is used in a post, it's a good post.

  4. Thanks for participating! Great job with card selection - I love the nun card!

  5. I totally support the idea of dropping Opening Day and replacing it with Big League. My only request is that the flagship line would keep the tradition of the mascot inserts. They're one of the few Topps inserts I actually really enjoy.

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