Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday SIL: Double vision

Ok - grab your 3D glasses for this week's installment of Stuff I Like. I know it's been a couple weeks hiatus on this feature. Life has a funny way of kicking you down, and then continuing to kick you as you try and get up. Screw you, life. And your board game too. But all in all, let's dive into my cards (or other sporty stuff) and share with you that which I deem cool or awesome or kinda neat-o (according to Eddie Haskell).

Today I present cards (that is a plural there and not a typo) that chronicle a famous event in the World Series. I'm sure if you ask about, you will have many answers to what is the greatest or most memorable WS play. You have Larsen's perfect game. Carter's home run. Buckner's five hole. Gibson's home run. Robinson stealing home. Mays catch. Fisk's willpower. Smith's beer shower. I could continue on because I am sure any of you reading have a fave I didn't link (I didn't even link to one of my personal faves). But if you are a baseball fan, a quick scan of my links may point to one event I missed. And if you live (or love) the Pirates, you are pretty pissed and may have stopped reading. Well, I am glad you are still reading, cuz the World Series lore is not complete without this:

That was 5 years before my birth, but a play ranked as one of the greatest home runs ever blasted. So in my binder of special cards, I keep these two side by side.

I am pretty sure those are not the only pieces of cardboard that celebrate that home run. I'll hunt down the others. While Bill was not remembered (much) for his offense, one would be hard pressed to find a better second baseman in the league during the 50's and 60's. It's great he's in the hall - just should have gone in before the veteran's committee had to put Bill where he rightfully belonged. Think Ron Santo minus ten years. I think I will risk that A&G card on a TTM from Mr. Mazeroski. That card deserves a nice autograph.

Oh.....if you are honestly shocked by the following YouTube selection, raise your hand.


  1. If you get that signed, be sure to show us. That would look great.

  2. A crazy WS for sure. Never hurts for the Yankees to lose. Hey, at least Bill's been able to enjoy his Hall of Fame status.