Friday, February 8, 2013

High five!

Usually when you think of "5", at least in the musical sense, it kinda sucks. Oh sure, the Dave Clark Five is great. So is the Jackson 5. I'll even fight for the Osmonds. But, for all the good groups of 5, you are stuck with crappy fivers, like here, here, here, here and here. Who wants those?

So tell me what you wa.....

Anyway, I want to focus on the super cool side of 5, that being 5 great trade packages I have received over the past....let's just call it 5 days. Makes the whole five thing wrap around like a warm burrito. 

With only half the diarrhea.

Let's start off with the large stack I received from TJ at Junior Junkie. TJ has posted a couple times about some Griffeys I have pulled and posted over at APTBNL. Heck yeah you can have them, TJ. I did a dig through and pulled all the Juniors I have that I am willing to part with (only kept a couple I just love too much to part with), but dropped all the rest in TJs lap. In return, he sent me a STACK of White Sox. A good hundred plus. If I was short on team sets, TJ filled the holes. I am still sorting them, but I pulled six to scan and share. 


There's one for the throwback binder. And I have never seen that "Little Dawgs" insert set before. Like I said - a stack from AJ, and I appreciate them all. Thanks man.

Next up, we are heading over to the site Underdog Card Collector, run by Zach. Zach set his eyes on a couple cards from the PWE trade page, and in return sent me a few Blackhawk reprints.

Ten in total. I never knew these existed. These are quite sweet and great additions to my collection. Cuz really, can one have too many Blackhawks cards? You know what I mean. Zach and I are gearing up for trade two, and if you check out his site, he is very game to trade with anyone, so give him a look and send him an email. 

Trader three is the partner team of Chris and Kyle from Old Foul Cardboard. Chris is the older dude always cracking the reigns on the cooler Kyle. It's a father and son thing. Chris started with the Christmas giveaway, and it then blossomed into some cards for both Chris and Kyle. Chris was interested in some relics, and I was quite happy to flip a few into this.

Manufactured or not, I think it's mighty cool, and glad to get one into my collection. Chris added in a nice stack of hockey and a dang near complete 74 White Sox team. Again - I gotta get sorting. Kyle then stepped up with some 2012 White Sox cards I needed. I didn't want to pull the ones I had in my set for the Sox group (soon to be binder), but Kyle nailed it with the cards he sent. A blind picking from him gave me most of what I needed. And to sweeten the deal, these two were added.

How I don't have that pre-roid Sosa is beyond me, but now I do. And I am firmly thinking of starting a PC of Addison Reed, so this nice Bowman Platinum makes for one less I will need. You all really need to get trading with Chris, and especially Kyle, a 10 year old collector of Bruins and Yankees.

Two more quick ones I received today. First is AJ at The Lost Collector. I have no idea why I never reached out to AJ before, but he also found a card on the PWE trade and was able to send me a gold in return. And for added measure, put in a few extra cards. Three cards towards my '08 Ginter and then these babies.

There's the gold PWE swap. Then we have a shiny Danks from Lineage. And BAM!!! Magglio relic! That bat was the surprise of the package for sure. I own zero Ordonez relics while he was a south sider. Now, I have one. Thanks a bunch, AJ. Again - check him out. Great blogger and an easy trade.

If you read this far - thanks. We finish off with the Night Owl. Greg is a wonderful nightly read, and always a trade package you will like to receive. I think this envelope was just a return for a couple PWEs I have sent over the past month, as well as a bribe for a certain green sparkle I pulled from a 2013 pack. Yes, you can have it!!!! Cuz really, who would want a Kershaw greenie when you can put cards like this in a binder.

Another great Reed RC card - X refractor to boot, a white parallel Turkey Red of Javier Vasquez and then a killer '52 White Sox. That is a pen mark on his shoulder - who frigging cares!!! That card is all levels of awesome. Thanks as always, Greg. 

So there are five great trades from five great bloggers:

Super duper!


  1. Glad it arrived safely!

    That '92 Donruss skinny Sox Sosa is kinda creeping me out....

  2. Woah! Trades, trades, trades!

    Looks like you've got the Twitter thingy situated.

  3. Phenomenal lot of cards there, 2x3!

    I'm excited you'd never seen those 'Hawks cards! I think they're great looking and on a good thick card stock.

    Working on trade two, alright! Speaking of which, I've got these cards here, you see...

  4. I don't like the concept of the manufactured cards either but you can't resist them because they are usually pretty cool looking, as in the bat barrel above.

  5. I see you have a thing for the Spice Girls. That's cool.