Saturday, February 16, 2013

When's a trade not a trade?

Over the past week, I have received 4 mailings. One is an eBay purchase, which I'll get to later. The other three are from bloggers. Wouldn't really call them trades though. Here's what I mean:

Good ol' Jaybarkerfan hit me up with yet another power of the stamp mailing. Nine glorious White Sox in the envelope. Here's three that span 10 years and 3 uniform changes for the south siders.

We have here an 1982 Fleer Trout, a 1986 Topps All Star Guillen and a 1992 Topps Hough. Winners!

Next up we have Underdog Card Collector, doing a little unbeaten in regulation Blackhawks dump on me. It's nice that I have an envelope ready for him to go out with me basically doing the same thing to him - he just beat me to the mailbox. Must have been the pill in his ring. The goodies?

STICKER!!!! I had forgotten about those 1989 Topps stickers so it was nice to see one again. Pair that with UD Vintage Amonte (and more), Crown die cut Daze and a funky feeling (think UD Canvas) Topps Premier Thibault and you have a nice package. Watch your mailbox, UD.

Last up is a trade I am calling a dump (on my part). Fantastic Catch Weston and Andrew's Baseball Card Andrew inquired about any 2012 series 2 and Update doubles. Holy moley - do I have doubles!!! I was more than happy to dig through and fill their lists as best I could. I cleaned out about one row in a 2000 count box. Weston made me an offer I couldn't refuse in exchange for all my doubles...

MMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS! These are the first 2012 minis I have received. Weston sent me darn near a complete White Sox set, along with that Aparicio Golden Moment and a beaut of a gold Beckham, numbered 29/61. Weston also sent a few regulation sized cards as well.

Thanks a bunch, you four.


  1. Butthole Surfers *and* The Underdog's secret pill revealed in one post? C'mone!

    The way the Black Hawks (vintage spelling, because vintage is cool, right?) are playing, I should've saved those cards as investment pieces.

    Glad you got 'em, Jeff. Fun post, if you're into Underdog type things. I am.


  2. "I'm a surfer!"
    - Rod Flanders.