Monday, February 25, 2013

Walmart comes through again

I have posted in the past about retail packs containing some darn good pulls. And between the two big stores, I am hitting more in Walmart than Target. Case in point: had to get a couple things at Walmart and even though I am just a few cards short of series 1, I picked up a single pack to rip. Not only was the pack kind enough to give me two cards I needed on my want list, I also found this baby:

Not a White Sox, but a camo numbered 98/99. The scan makes the name FAR easier to read than in person. Camo + foil = bad. Check off another insert from the list. Just need to pull a pink border, cuz I highly doubt I'll snag a platinum.


  1. Nice pull. I've pulled two camos - a Brian McCann from a WalMart cereal box and an Adam Jones from a Target.

    I also just wrote up a post about my recent successful forays into WalMart retail packs - featuring White Sox.

  2. Sweet pull. I have also had good luck at Walmart, pulled a pink border Ivan Nova

  3. I only bought one from Target, but it produced more than the couple I got from Wal-Mart. I got a camo parallel and a Verlander "game used" relic Chasing History in the same pack.

  4. Do you have any Red Sox parallels from this year?