Tuesday, June 18, 2013

10 fingers and 2 toes.

Sorry about the lack of posts, for those that actually read these characters pecked out on the keyboard. Believe it of not, I actually write everything you read here. Shocking, I know, but I do not hire ghost writers or plagiarize from other locations - all this comes from my own head.

Though Bingo here did write the majority of the "Tis the season" posts.

That being said, I need to get back in the swing, so let's look at a dozen cards I received maybe 2 weeks ago, that I did scan, but have just failed to post. They are the innards of 2 PWEs, one from Night Owl and the other from Chris and Kyle at Old Foul Cardboard. Both are early members of Club PWE, as in I have traded with them and just drop crap on them at will. They seem to enjoy returning in kind. First from the bird.

I assume that Wood is a dupe, cuz ain't no way N.O. is breaking up a set he is working on. A real live '72 on the right, and a nice Score of the one time season leader in saves. 

The other 3 in his envelope have a shiny Bowman, and shiny Prizm and a nice DP card. I am grateful in one sense for the Prizm as it is a Sale, but geez - I REALLY hate those cards. I contend if you like them, you must live in a state with legalized pot. There is no other explanation. Thanks as always Greg. Moving on to Chris and Kyle, we have six more cards to share. 

Thomas rookie? You bet. Beckham rookie? Score. And plenty of shiny with the Abbot, Wells and my first Crown Royal in my collection. I always thought those CR we kinda goofy, but then you get one in your hands and they are pretty sweet. And yes, I jammed 5 in one pic. My blog, my rules. Also, the last card gets it's time in the spotlight and it's closeup.

Keep that Bip away from meeeeeeeeeeeee!

BOOM! Nothing like a nice Thome relic. Labeled Sox, pictured Phillie - probably a Phillie swatch, but I love me anything Thome. I am not sure if that is handling dirt on the swatch or actual dirt (I am thinking the first), but I feel it adds to the charm of the card. What a nice addition to the envelope, and thusly to my relic binder. Watch the mail, Kyle. 

Two stamps + two envelopes + 12 cards = I like!


  1. Hey man, you notified me about some ortiz cards last night. Please eemail me at s.hubbard32(at)comcast.net

  2. Ouch, "The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement." Yeah, you tell them, huge record companies.. how dare folks show music videos which are basically advertisements for their artists. :eyeroll: