Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So here I am in Denver. There is a card shop that has been here over 30 years, so I was forced to check it out. The place is Bill's. The place is HUGE compared to my LCS. I didn't have a lot of time to spend in there, but I picked up a few things.
Tough to blog from my phone, but attached are my pickups. Three Blackhawk autos - former players - and a Hull gold Action Packed
Ten bucks for them. I also grabbed a couple hobby packs of series 2 and hit a black bordered Buck. Better hit than my other black border if you ask me.
Back to regular posts on Thursday.


  1. Nice Blackhawks. I remember watching Richmond play for Rockford. He never became a really effective pro, especially for being drafted in the first round. The Bobby Hull is a neat card too

  2. Bill's is an awesome card shop, one of the few I ever visited as a kid. Making the two hour trip to Denver was always better if I could convince the fam to stop at Bill's. It's almost TOO much though, it was always a little overwhelming!