Monday, June 9, 2014

Battle aftermath

This past Saturday was another pack wars at my LCS. But not my usual location. See, in 11 days, my wife, daughter and I will be driving to Denver to visit our son/brother. We are taking him my mom's car which he will purchase. It's in amazing shape for a 10 year old car, and he needs a trustworthy vehicle. My usual location (Plainfield) will be holding pack wars the weekend after we leave. I had a free $20 round I earned, and I didn't want it to go to waste, so I hit up the Joliet location.

I have taken my wife and daughter to pack wars before (on their request). I didn't think it odd when my daughter asked to tag along, and my wife came too. As I walked in, Jeff behind the counter goes "something was dropped off here for you".

Uh - whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Sure enough, he reaches down to pull out an envelope with my name on it. I am sure the puzzled look really threw everyone, but I turned it over to open it - and find a Father's Day card from my daughter. I won't share the whole letter, but she started the note "hey douchebag" - that should give an indication of our relationship.

 Her and I in our natural habit - being idiots.

Also included was $30 store credit. That would cover a $20 round and a raffle entry. What a sweet girl. In the end, though, I am saying I used the credit for something else. You'll see.

Well, I grabbed my free 20, got a 2nd 20 for my daughter, and a $50 rounder. Plus a couple raffle tickets. Raffle won me nothing. Oh well.

So in the $20 rounds, I got lucky with a pack of series 1 UD hockey and pulled the hit that comes in the box.

Nice Eddie the Eagle hit. Not with the Hawks, but I will take it. Though, can anyone that is a Leafs fan ID that swatch? Look at the size of the weave? No way that is a jersey, unless they did something weird when he played there 02-06. Either practice jersey, or some inside mesh. Still cool either way.

My daughter pulled this from her $20 round out of a pack of Topps Chrome.

Not too bad. I heard he is with the Titans now. If interested, you know where to reach me.

And that....was all the hits from the $20 round, though there is one last card that, while not a hit, works for me.

Ugly card design. But a nice pull in the long run.

Before they started the $50 round, the owner Brian was making killer deals, that night only, on anything in the store. Ask and he would offer up a price. My wife asked me what I wanted, and I went for a box of Rookie Anthology. I got it for over $15 LESS than you find online. But before I show you the hits, let jump to my only hit in the $50 round, from a pack of Bowman Jumbo.

This makes two Trinkwon autos I have pulled from Bowman. Com'on Dodger fans - trade me for these!

Ok - so Rookie Anthology. Panini is loading their last hockey releases with hits from all their products. I have bought a couple packs of this and pulled these so far.

Nice Titanium hit in Yakupov. Lessio may turn into an okay player. I got my guaranteed four hits. In fact, let's call it 4 and a half.

Huberdeau is not too bad. Lee could be a good 2nd line forward. Chaput is serialed to his draft. Wait & see on him. My two big hits in the box.

Not a huge name, and may end up a floater in the league, but a nice low number with a hell of a patch. I am thinking the R or A in RANGERS. But the hit of the night, and the reason I am calling this box my real Father's Day gift is this pull.

Just enjoy that card for a while. I certainly am. A nice card with a piece of his stick. I couldn't be happier with this Father's Day. Well, we could be playing the Rangers tonight, but that's ok.


  1. Wow, awesome pulls Jeff! Some sweet hits there, especially Yak, Huberdeau and McIlrath!

    I can say the Belfour swatch IS from the Leafs jersey. Not only do I have an Alex Steen card with a similar piece, but have a pro Kyle Wellwood jersey that I can identify comes from the side/underarm area of the jersey. If you want a picture of that part of the jersey, email me and I can definitely send it to you.

  2. mildly interested in the dodger auto. more curious if you are by any chance detouring onto i-94 through the twin cities.

  3. Awesome cards. I love hockey memorabilia cards. The patches always look great.

  4. Congrats on your night of hits ( nothing like an armpit swatch, those are 1 of 1's in my book :).. ) and good luck on the road trip.