Saturday, June 7, 2014

When's a PWE not a PWE?

When it's ajar.

Yeah this comedy club sucks. Waiter - check please!

Actually, a PWE is not a PWE when the quantity would be perfect for a PWE, but it's shipped in something that is very not much PWE-ish. Follow? Now, there are very good reasons why a padded mailer is better for a few cards, and the reasons will be obvious. I simply am pointing this out cuz it makes for a nice blog title. 

 I can't brain.

First up is Keith from The Home Run Apple. Keith and I are starting to build a constant string of mailing back and forth, as I need a Mets collector and so far, Keith is the man. Keith was kind enough to kill 4 of the 5 inserts I need for 2013 GQ.

I had just placed 3 of this in my shopping cart on Sportlots. That cart just sits for a month or so before I pull the trigger, so I never placed the order. They have been removed. I will have to hunt down a dupe of the Verlander for the throwback binder. Thanks for the cards, Keith!

Jim over at GCRL is one I have the current delivery stream with. When you have nice unique collections, it's easy to help out. And fun. So looking for DP cards, memorial patch cards and Dodger background cards can be difficult, but fun. Plus, you can always drop a Dodger on him and he is a happy man. Now Jim's mailer was the most full of all, but a quantity that would fit in a ePWE (extended PWE). And the gems within?

I got 4 new additions for the bunting binder. That Gwynn is gold. Absolute gold. What an amazing picture. Also included...

Two nice throwbacks. I needed the Lowry as I just have the one with the Bowman set, so into the throwback binder it goes. There were some more White Sox besides just the Hermanson. And I was about to ignore the Chipz you see (it's Alexi Ramirez btw under the sticker), until I realized it is the magnetic version. I have the base Chipz of Alexi, so it's nice to get a variation. Appreciate the mailing, Jim.

Next cards came from Kyle up in the Great White North. I think this is the third time we have exchanged some cards. Kyle asked about some UD Young Guns cards and send me a couple cards. One went into the DP binder, and then there were these...

Yes - one is not a card. The Sale is a beautiful green bordered Bowman that went right with all the other throwback cards. The pocket schedule is autographed by Josh Ho-Sang. The name did ring a bell a bit, but Kyle let me know that he is a top talent in the OHL that should draft very high (first rounder for sure) in this year's NHL draft. I don't prospect hunt with baseball, but I do like me some potential early star cards for hockey players, so this is a very welcome addition for the autos/relics binder. Thanks as always, Kyle.

Lastly are two cards. These are courtesy of Dave from the always fun read Wax Stain Rookie (who's simplistic header image pisses me off in its brilliance). And these two were totally out of the blue. Dave emailed me and asked for my address as he threw out the envelope from the TTS card dump he took part in. I emailed him back cuz I always like free cards. But these aren't just "free cards".

That is plain gorgeous. The more I see the imitation canvas cards in sets, the more I like. To the point I am going to start on the UD Canvas cards from the past couple years. 

But there was one more card Dave sent. Let's step back a second, though. Kyle above had made mention in his email that he was including an autograph that I would really like. So when I opened this package, being that it came from Canada,  I first thought it was from Kyle, and yes, the auto was sweet. Then I realized the return address, and knew this wasn't the cards Kyle was talking about. Luckily, my hoarding of mailing addresses allowed me to place the card with Dave, and it's then I realized his statements of I got something for you off you want list and I just hope you enjoy the card are the understatements of the year (to this point).

"Just hope you enjoy the card"????? SERIOUSLY DAVE? You drop a most wanted auto of my fav Blackhawk, and you "just hope I enjoy the card"? I was at a loss for words when I opened the envelope. A classic Hossa auto (man, that is a unique signature) is now added to my collection. Dave - thanks is never going to be a strong enough word to express my gratitude for this. But I got your mailing address and I know what you collect, so I will always be on the lookout to hopefully put you at a loss for words.


  1. Really really glad you enjoyed it! Keep up the excellent posts!

  2. The sliding cards from GQ are great because of all the dirt and dust!
    And that collision card is great too! McCann is now playing for the Yankees and Teixeira is there too!