Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The game's afoot

I have made a few comments here in there in posts from this year about the appalling state of my local post office. While the counter workers are pretty darn good, it's the delivery that has really taken a hit. Up until Nov of last year, we have had four different people deliver the mail. And we have lived in this house 16 years. I refer to four because we had our two regular, and on the day they were off, the fill in would slide the mail in the box.

Well, I have no idea where our last post woman went (she was on the route for.....8 years?), but now, I have seen at least 8 people drive down the street, and back up the street when they forget a letter in someone's mailbox, then back down, and sometimes up a second time. I have had days where my mail have arrived after 5pm (it was always here before noon like clockwork). I have gotten it after 6. I have seen them drive past after 7pm. I have had days with absolutely no mail at all. Not even junk mail. I went one week where 3 of the 6 delivery days were of nothing. The same week.

"Ok Jeff - we get it. It's a broken record. Where are you going with this?"

 And hurry up, we're hungry too.

Glad you asked. For those in Club PWE, or those that I just drop cards on whenever I feel like it, most have not received anything from me since the Tis The Season mailings, if you took part in that. I haven't done a lot of PWEs because of shipping costs. Just haven't been able to get the stamps I need. Well, I am about to test something out. It is totally and completely legal - I am violating no laws what so ever. However, my mailing will probably be a bit of a pain to the postal workers. I've got 10 or so letters going out. I am certain not only will there be some posts about them, but also some comments about the mailings as well. This will be my focus.

However, if all goes as it should, Club PWE will be back in full force, which is good cuz holy crap I got a lot of cards I need to get rid of.

Alright - let's post a few cards before I sign off. I received a PWE from Jason at the all inclusive blog The Writer's Journey. Seriously - he covers a lot of stuff, and very well. He dropped a few White Sox cards on me.

Kemp look anything but a ball player. I swear that guy is a middle linebacker or something. And believe it or not, I am missing the Thiggy and Hill from my '88 team set, so these two are a very welcome sight. Thanks again, Jason.



  1. As a kid, I used to mistake Steve Kemp and Lou Ferrigno. I'd get scared that Kemp would get angry when hitting and turn green.

  2. My issue with USPS right now is that it can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks to deliver one lousy envelope with no rhyme or reason or predictability. It never used to be like this.