Saturday, February 7, 2015

And the winner is....

So the Bip Awards were handed out last week. Congratulations to all the well deserving winners in each category. Night Owl won blog of the year, to the shock of no one. I called it, so he owes me half his winnings. Then again, it will probably be crappy Dodgers, so he can keep it all. However, I have the final award for 2014 to hand out - the 2nd Best Blog of the Year. You remember the rules, right? N.O. wins each year (see two lines above), so I wanted to recognize the best of the not Night Owl blog. After I put up the post about my idea for this award, I emailed Greg to be sure he understood the good humor behind it. He and I have a good relationship and saw the fun in it that I intended.

Let's see if I can challenge that fun with the trophy for the winner.

Poor Bubo
Man - I don't know if there are enough Nomo cards in circulation to make up for that.

But enough hijinx - you all want to know who you, the readers, decided was the blog that would be #1 if the voting was slightly altered. After 52 total votes (I did not vote, btw), the winner of the "coveted" trophy is:

FIRST - Shoebox Legends
SECOND - Dime Boxes
THIRD - Catching Up With Collecting

And there you have it, the great read Shoebox Legends is voted the best of the rest. A well deserving blog as it is one of my regular reads. Considering some of the nominees, it was a tough battle to come out on top. Nick at Dime Boxes pulled into 2nd of being 2nd (does that make him third?), and Jared over at Catching Up rounded out the top three. 

I'm working on some prizes for the winners, as well as a prize pack to Dave at Wax Stain Rookie who nominated Shoebox Legends. For the record, it was the very first comment on the nomination post. Well selected, Dave.

Ok, that was fun (I hope). Now let's get back to ripping some wax.


  1. Wow, I am honored! Especially since this blog and the other two winners are on my daily reading list. That trophy is fantastic, with your permission I will proudly display it on the sidebar of my blog. Thanks for having the contest, and thanks to everyone who voted and takes the time to read all the awesome card blogs out there.

  2. Trophy is hilarious! Congrats guys. Reading list updated...

  3. Those red Xs are death rays. Do not stare directly at it, oh runner-up.

  4. Congrats! That trophy is wack!

  5. Amazing trophy!!! Congrats Shane, you are truly deserving and one of my absolute favourites. Also, thanks for a cool contest idea Jeff and you certainly didn't need to include me in the prizes but I probably won't RTS anything coming my way either!

  6. Congrats to all three guys. All great reads