Monday, February 23, 2015

The postman always hates twice

I've talked about working from home before. It is a luxury for me, with the money saved from avoiding gas, tolls ($5 a day total), vehicle wear and tear, and lost sleep. Not getting up at 5am, to leave by 6 and get to work by 7:30 each day....that got old. Plus I think the dog likes me being here on a mostly daily basis.

Being in my computer room, I can see the curb. Today, my postman spent a good two minutes getting the mail into the box. As I am watching him, he's playing one large white or yellow envelope in after another. I hustled out to the mailbox to find 9 pieces of mail: one piece of junk and these eight:

From Ebay, Just Commons and generosity, let's touch on all of these.

Top left, with the big "F" is a Just Commons order.

Set fillers. Knocked out some insert needs for 2013 Heritage and '14 A&G. Also some high numbers for '08 UD Masterpieces, a bunch of 2013 Cooperstown and all but one card for the 2010 UD ball fields. Man....great photo the the Mariners there, eh?

The manila envelope with the "F" leaning on the Just Commons package, plus the white PWE on the lower left, were Ebay orders of 2010 Turkey Red inserts.

The Cepeda in the middle was the PWE. The outside were part of a 40 card purchase. I decided to chase this insert set, and this order put me about halfway. I have a needs list for the rest if you have any of these lying around you don't want.

The other Ebay purchase in the photo is the manila envelope at the far right, in the middle.

Decided Paulie's farewell card would make for a nice rainbow, with the less parallels out this year. Here's the black I scored. Purple is on the way and I should have the gold secured by the end of the week.

So what about the Priority Box? That was a gift from CommishBob from Five Tool Collector. I hate him for all the amazing Pierces he has that I don't. But I think these cards were less a peace offering and more a "shut up and stop being a damn baby".

Just kidding. Bob would say nothing like that. Bob has some great cards in his collection, and it's nice to know someone has secured some great Pierce white whales. The note from Bob said a guy at his show had cheap-o vintage. Oh man are these beautiful! Just the condition I like for the '64 I am building. 30 cards total. Thanks Bob!

Toppish, to the right (as you look at the envelopes) is a manila package with a yellow box containing my address. Kerry from Cards on Cards dropped that one on me.

Stuffed with White Sox and a couple bunting cards, he also added that super sweet Al Oliver miscut from the Milton Bradley game, and a Sweet Spot Paulie for his player binder. Appreciate the awesome gesture of cards, Kerry.

Two left to talk about. Lower right is the other PWE, this one from the great blog Johnny's Trading Spot run by Johnny himself. In it was 2/3 of a 9 pocket page stuffed with a few collections cards.

DPs, throwbacks (seriously Cleveland - how is that not your everyday uniform) and a nice grouping of Negro League players. I need to dig out those cards and binder them up. All former Negro League players deserve better than being in a stack. Thanks again, John.

It just happens that the package in the middle is last. That's a Zippy Zapping from the man responsible for Cervin' Torren' (insert name heren') Up Cards. Four of Zippy's famous repacks were within. But you are only getting one image - some of the cards are being held for a later post.

There were current Sox in the package too, but here's a couple super sexy vintage cards, plus the mini version of the Clemente puzzle. I wonder if Zippy threw it in as filler, but I will gladly take in and find a spot for it. More from Zippy later, but I'll say ありがとう now. (Google translate don't fail me now!)

What a mail day. I was hit hard, but I think I survived.


  1. I'm surprised the package got to you so fast. Nonetheless I'm glad you got it though and seem to have enjoyed it :).
    And yes the Clemente was admit tingly a throw-in, but I knew that you'd give it a nice home so it was a little bit more than a throw-in (if that makes any sense).

  2. Looks like a terrific mail day! Looking forward to seeing the progression of the Paulie rainbow over the course of 2015.

  3. Thats the first Martin Luther King card ive ever seen.Nice haul,man!