Thursday, February 26, 2015

Show off!

For the past few posts, Dime Box Nick has been showing his haul from the Orland card show this past Sunday. Fortunately, I have different tastes in cards, so digging through dime and nickel boxes means we don't often cross paths on needs/wants. I missed the first table Nick hit, and I am a little mad at myself for that one, but I hit a few dime boxes here and there and scored some nice cards.

I pulled all but a dozen 2015 series 1 cards for one dealer (little help on what's left?), and I also scored the last cards I needed on UD series 1 hockey. Plus he had practically a whole Fleer Ultra set of Hawks, so I snagged those as well. Not all the cards were a dime, but I think they all averaged to a quarter or so.

The show really delivered the bunts. Fourteen new cards of players laying one down were scored from the vendors. How interesting is it that the Flair card has the uniform color changed when compared to the Chasing History card.

Four new throwback cards. I snagged the base of that Alvarez in the center. Nick pointed out to me that Middlebrooks is a throwback. That is a different cap then they normally wear, so I'll picked it up.

Half a dozen new double plays. Love those Museum Quality Pinnacle cards.

Technically, Nick pulled the Rowand and the Crede for my player collections. I receive a ton of the Ring of Honor cards - they are always Jermaine Dye. Good to know there are other Sox players in the set. I learned of the Brian Roberts card a year of so ago. Great broken bat card that split length wise.

Lastly, tons of Negro League cards were to be found. Great Of the Game is a killer set. It's even better when you put amazing players like you see here. I grabbed 10 or so from the set. Again - I need a binder for my Negro League cards. Hard to appreciate them when they are in a stack.

So that's a far showing of my haul. I dropped $15 buck I think at the show, and four of that was on one card. Certainly nowhere in the range of what Nick took home. But it was less about the cards and more about hanging out and talking cards with a good guy.


  1. Love those Greats of the Game cards, and also the Heritage Vizquel. Nice haul!

  2. nice catch on the uni difference of the same photo of carew!

  3. Had a ton of fun digging through the discount bins with you, Jeff! Hope to do it again soon.

    P. S. -- That Heritage Vizquel is one of the better bunting shots I've ever seen.