Sunday, April 26, 2015

A rookie no more

In the MLB, you are considered a rookie as long as you have had less than 130 at bats, less than 50 innings pitched or spent less than 45 days on the active roster of the team. For the NFL, you are only a rookie if you are on an NFL team for the first time - any time spent in Canada or Arena don't count. That's about the same for the NBA. In the NHL, you need to be younger than 26 and played less than 25 games the previous season.

Julie, over at A Cracked Bat, has been around long enough she is no longer a rookie. And when she sends you unsolicited packages, then she gets the All Rookie logo on her 2nd year card. A while back, Julie dropped an envelope of goodness for the boxes and binders in my house. From the Sox box, to the player collections and the relics, Julie added a lot of cardboard to my collection.

I don't seek out box toppers. If I buy a box (rare) and get one, then awesome. I certainly will not turn down a box topper and repect each one I have. See what I did there? That Obak is straight up awesome. A card like that bumps another bunting card from the first page to the back of the binder.

Lots of shiny cards too. Alexei went to the throwback binder. Durham went to the DP binder. Johnson hit the Sox box.

So much for my player collections. It's hard to pick a favorite. The best thing about packages are cards I never thought about being added to my collection. I'm not a prospect hunter, so hunting for early cards of any player collections is off my radar.

Dang near complete set of Fleer Flair? Ok. Nice posed fielding shot of Alvarez. Or he's constipated.

The sheer amount of Big Hurt cardboard astounds me. Again, I am not making a player collection of him. One day I'll figure out how much space the Big Hurt takes up in the Sox box.

WHOA!!! Julie packed the evelope with some great hits. An UD Goodwin when they had a MLB license ('09 was a great set), a Topps Triple Threads Dunn to the odd number of 18, and a sweet Lopez auto that goes into the bunting binder. That's two cards that got the bump to the back!

Jules, I am working on a return package. You put the pressure on me to make it a good one.


  1. That boxtopper should now do a triple-lindy off the high dive.

  2. Someday I will have to google the reason why Adam Dunn's nickname is Big Donkey. I'm sure the story is fabulous!

    1. Dunn credits former Cincinnati teammate Chris Sexton for coming up with "The Big Donkey." Big enough to blot out the sun at 6-foot-6, 285 pounds, Dunn has a wry sense of humor and an engaging demeanor, and takes no offense when fans hurl donkey references his way.

      Indeed, Dunn acknowledges, when he was hitting a major league-record low .159 last season, U.S. Cellular Field crowds weren't exactly smitten by his offensive brilliance.

      "Big Donkey would have been awesome compared to some of the things people were calling me last year," he said.

      In spring training, Dunn was asked what nickname he would give himself if he had the choice.

      "The Big Sexy?" piped up reliever Matt Thornton.

      Dunn slowly shook his head.

      "No," he said. "I would not have called myself 'The Big Sexy.' That's for sure."

  3. Jeff, hope you find it a compliment that I thought of you when I pulled the Dangerfield topper. No respect. ;) I think Tony's just a bit jealous.

  4. That Dunn card is great, might have to pick one up, love some of the nicknames and sayings in triple threads