Friday, April 24, 2015

No, I'm last.

Chris at the awesome Nacho Grande threw up a post today about a package he received from the awesome Junior Junkie. It was the mailing he received from the Brooklyn Bridge length receipt that TJ created from a bevy of mailings that went out. Chris made the comment that everyone else had posted about what they got in the mail so he might as well be last. Not so fast, partner.

I'm-a gittin'
I was another one on that list of many, and TJ did another fantastic job in packing an envelope with cardboard.

Player collections cards for Rowand, Konerko and Crede. Yeah - that one on the right in silver, not blue.

Shiny cards. That Thome looks better in person - the silhouette didn't scan well in the background.

Instant rainbows of former White Sox prospects.

Junk wax team sets. Take a close look at them. Either TJ was being a goof and penny sleeved the set before packing (a possibility knowing him), or someone really thought these would have value in the coming years.

Seventeen new cards for the bunting binder. Young in the upper left is wisely pulling back the bat on a high pitch.

Two sweet relic cards. It's nice the Sale and Santos swatches are different colors.

This last one is interesting. A serialed, uncirculated Magglio card still in the Topps sealed card holder. And it was destined for me - LOOK AT THE NAME! Well, the Topps foil sticker wasn't sealing the case anymore so...



  1. Oh sure, show me up by being even later!

  2. You're not last either... I still haven't had the chance to go through mine...

  3. most entertaining watchin' folks fight for last place!

  4. LOL @ Julie Owens!

    Nice haul of 'board, Two by!