Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Take a wiff

Since I work from home, and since I am the one always freaking about money, and since I am the one that is frugal (just a PC word for a cheap bastard), I prefer meals at home instead of eating out. That's not to say we don't get food out at a restaurant. However, I prefer carry out, as you save money on tips (I usually tip 20% or more when we sit down), or something simple. So it's pretty common that when my wife comes home the first words out of her mouth is "something smells good".

It'll be done when the internal temp is 160, honey!
For the record, today was shepherd's pie. I didn't feel like making meatloaf, so a quick search and I found a simple recipe for it. Turned out ok. And no - I will not cook you dinner, so don't ask.

Segue the smell into this blog post, I received some cards from Tim at Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning. He posted some cards pulled from 2015 packs and I jumped on the First Pitch card he offered as I put one in my throwback binder and needed another to complete the set. We padded out the cards to a regular trade, and Tim did some additions to other binders.

Dig all those Crede's. There is a page worth there, which is just what they filled up. Some great oddballs with the top middle and the outsides of the 2nd row. The center card is not yellow but foil gold. Scanner had a field day with it.

My 2013 Heritage is in a binder, so two SPs are welcome additions. I'm not sure how hard I will push to complete that set this year, but I really should. And Kelly is an SP from the '14 edition of Heritage. A lot farther away in finishing that, but someday.

Some day, I will get my Sox box enetered into Zistle, and then I will know the number of Thomas cards I have. I'm guessing about 200 now or so, but no plans to make a PC out of him. These three remind us how really messed up the late 90's were card-wise. The Pacific on the right is die cut - those spikes would make a hell of a throwing star.

Here's the card that started it all, and helped me finish the the First Pitch insert set. Nothing like some RATM on cardboard. And the Maggio I added because for a simple design, that is just perfect. Proof that you don't need a ton of design layout to make a pretty piece of cardboard. Thanks for all the cards, Tim.


  1. Minor league cards and Rage Against the Machine alone make for a excellent package. Morello is even sporting my favorite Cubs jersey of all-time; gotta love that card!

  2. That Thorn in the Side Frank Thomas is sweet and so is that video.

  3. I have a Rage Against the Machine live album in my car stereo right now!

  4. Glad you liked 'em Jeff! Did you catch that the Fleer Tradition Crede is the glossy, serial numbered version? I've started another stack to send your way in the near future too.

  5. Love Rage. That video mash up was awesome

  6. My first exposure to RATM. (Yes, I live on another planet...Planet 70s) Great guitar riff in Renegades. The video is absolutely hypnOtic! In your face 70s stylin with a whole new sound. LOVED IT! I almost forgot to mention the sweet trade with Tim. He's an excellent trade partner!