Tuesday, February 16, 2016


As I have mentioned enough times in the past, I do technical support for collision estimating software. I am fortunate enough to work from home, and currently I am one of 6 people that help support our newer chat feature. Ya know - instead of calling on the phone, you go to the website and start a chat with a tech.

Well, yesterday, just before the end of my work day, a user came into chat. After a couple other questions, the root issue was the desire of the shop to move our software to a different machine. With our program, you have a server that has the program residing (about 6.5gigs worth of data) and you have the clients. Technically, the server is just a data warehouse, meaning that the program runs on the client machines. All the server does is sit there until a client requests a file from it. The nice part of that is changing the server machine is as simple as dropping that huge folder onto a new machine and then rerunning the client setups so the other computers know where to get the database files.

Anyway, I was walking the tech on the other end of the line through copying the folder, and when complete, he chatted this back to me:
What now, oh great Jedi Master Jeffy Jeff
Which, needless to say, freaked me out. I mean, I have gone by the nickname JediJeff since 1999, when I first joined a Star Wars message board when TPM was coming out. As I got into the clubs and groups, along with the Rebel Legion and 501st, the name stuck. I heard stories of people mentioning my name, but others not knowing whom they were talking about until they rephrased me as JediJeff. I've had the email for 16 plus years. JediJeff is just who I am. So how a tech pulled that phrase out of the sky blew my mind.

In sports as well as around the blogs, we all have our own nicknames. Take DefGav from Baseball Card Breakdown. Recently he dropped a small PWE on me.

I sent a few Diamond sparkle cards for his needs and he helped out with a a few cards for my '15 A&G build like Mad Bum. A nice Beckham Obak. Supposedly, Beckham's nickname while at Georgia was "Slayer", though he denies it. Lastely, one of DefGav's customs, a sweet mini of Junior when he reprized his Upper Deck card for a Macklemore (real name Ben Haggerty) video.

Now the other mailing came from Jeff over at Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum. To my knowledge, Jeff doesn't go by a nickname - maybe we need a contest or something to name him. Jeff's PWE came with more goodness.

A nice blue Chipz of Southpaw. He has a name, but Topps continually calls him by the nickname "Chicago White Sox" or "White Sox Mascot". Getting old, Topps. In the middle is the Golden Jet, Bobby Hull. I have the all gold version of this Action Packed, which I found in a card shop in Colorado. I like this colored version far better than the all gold and they look good side by side in a binder. Lastly, a sweet Topps Tek on card auto of Micah Johnson. While Hawk Harrelson seems to create the nicknames for Sox players (Big Hurt, One Dog, El Caballo), he needs to get going on Micah. Thanks guys.


  1. I kinda like Jeffy Jeff. Less formal.

  2. Wasn't Micah traded away to the Dodgers in the Frazier blockbuster? If so, looks like his nickname is up to Vin Scully now. Gotta love that Bobby Hull oddball!

  3. Seeing as how you're JediJeff, how about SithJeff?